The Uberflip Experience 2016 Wrap Up

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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UFX roundup

As we wrap up our first week post-Uberflip Experience (UFX), we’ve been left absolutely speechless by the whole experience.

To the superstar marketers who got up on stage and gave us so much to think about and to every single person who participated: thank you, thank you, thank you! You all helped make our inaugural conference a resounding success!

Here’s our roundup of UFX highlights:

We made the case for less content.

Copy Hackers’ Joanna Wiebe asked us to publish less and focus on writing that converts, while Uberflip’s own Hana Abaza reminded us to be less focused on doing things and focus more on doing things with the most impact. Read TopRank Marketing’s overview of Hana’s presentation here.

We learned that brands should “hug their haters”.

The most retweeted marketer in the world, Jay Baer, kicked off the conference and gave us a lot to think about when he said that critics are not our biggest problem: ignoring them is. The folks over at B&T Magazine have a great review of why Jay says haters are sometimes your most important customers.

We heard stories told in ways that inspired us to tell our own.

SnapApp’s Lena Prickett asks, what if your presentation should actually just be a story? She puts together a great overview of the stories shared within the presentations at UFX, including a great one from Ann Handley about her brother’s favorite koozie company. Read her overview here.

We rocked your socks off.

And replaced them with pink Uberflip ones! Our attendees had a great time collecting points in our UFX event app hosted by DoubleDutch and even had a chance to pick up box sets of our latest eBook series on the 4 Pillars of Content Marketing. You can download a copy of the eBooks here.

And check out everyone decked out in pink!

Thanks @Uberflip for the awesome socks. @Snap_App marketing representing! #PrettyInPink

— Aaron Dun (@ajdun) August 26, 2016

Check out our new blog on the key takeaways from The @Uberflip Experience #UFX2016 😀

— FunnelCake (@getfunnelcake) September 2, 2016

Wait for it! @avavrek @Skyword @Uberflip #ufx2016

— Ruben Sanchez (@CentralSQ) August 25, 2016

Okay so maybe we aren’t TOTALLY speechless, we are content marketers after all! We are, however, humbled and grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible community of marketers – and now we know just how high we’ve set the bar for next year… no pressure at all. Thanks, Lee!

I think attendees will agree: #ufx2016 has raised the bar on what to expect from conference speaker content. Kudos @Uberflip @HanaAbaza

— Lee Odden (@leeodden) August 25, 2016

As for 2017? Mark your calendars and we’ll see you in August 2017 in Toronto, ON.

Looking for notes from the conference? Our friends at Unbounce have you covered.

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