The One Tool You Need to Close the Gap Between Sales & Marketing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Tool for sales enablement

If you read our blog, you’re probably pretty invested in content and for good reason – it works. In fact, 82% of buyers say that content made a significant impact on their purchase decision.

So once a prospect starts talking to a sales rep, how can marketers ensure that the right content is still being seen?

We know that sales reps pretty much live in their inboxes, so we wanted our team to have a way to easily add content to their emails without having to leave their email client; thus, Shout was born.

Send more engaging emails

By downloading a Chrome extension, Shout is added right into Gmail, allowing anyone who wants to share content from their Hub to quickly search their different streams and insert a tile right into the email:

Shout in Gmail

Pretty cool, huh?

Compare that to an email with just a link to a piece of content:

Content Link

What a snoozefest.

It’s been found that content with images end up getting 94% more views than those without – which isn’t surprising. If your recipients are getting inundated with emails all day long, chances are, the interactive tile will stand out to them, upping the chances of a clickthrough.

Content so fresh and so clean

I’ve worked with sales teams before that were quite unreceptive to searching for content on their own. If it wasn’t readily available in a tool they already used, it’s as if it didn’t exist.

This, of course, presented quite a few problems for marketing. We found that many reps were using out-of-date content that either had the wrong information, wrong branding, or both.

With Shout, if you update anything in your Hub, it updates within the extension. No more worrying about whether or not your reps are sending out the right version of your latest case study.

Bridge that gap

When you start using Shout, there will no longer be any Shouting matches between marketing and sales (ha ha ha).

In all seriousness, Shout makes it easier for sales and marketing to stay aligned and ensure that everyone is sharing the same message. It’ll get you that much closer to SMarketing nirvana. Your prospects will love it, your funnel will love it, everyone will love it. So what are you waiting for? Get Shouting! 

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