Meet an Uberflip User: BJ Dodenbier, Workfront

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Meet an Uberflipper

Welcome to our ‘Meet an Uberflip User’ series, where we introduce you to an Uberflip power user.

Meet BJ Dodenbier, Digital Marketing Specialist at Workfront. Workfront launched their Uberflip Hub (which they use as a resource center targeting marketing teams) in Fall 2016. Check it out here!

Read on to learn how BJ uses Uberflip in his everyday work.

Tell us about your role and a typical day for you at Workfront.
I am the Digital Marketing Specialist here at Workfront. I focus on A/B Testing, User Experience, CRO, Resource Management, and Uberflip.

What’s the first website you load when you get to work?
Anywhere from Optimizely to Uberflip to our Workfront Hub to see my tasks for the day.

What tools do you use every day? How does Uberflip make your life easier?
I use Uberflip, Optimizely, OptinMonster, Google Analytics, and WordPress every day.

Uberflip has made our WordPress a lot less complicated. We have a super complex WordPress setup and managing all the different types of resources has been a large pain for several different teams involved. Uberflip hasn’t been the easiest to implement due to this fact but now that it’s up and running, it has saved us a ton of time.

To launch one eBook, it would often involve me juggling content writers, the creative team, web developers and demand gen teams, each with their own objectives and ideas on how to implement, but often changing their minds halfway through.

Because Uberflip is so easy to use I have the content writers own the page and demand gen control the CTAs and the web developers are not even involved. Hallelujah! The time we save has been massive.

Can you recommend any marketing blogs, podcasts, webinars or books for content marketers?
Workfront’s blog is a great resource because I am a marketer and understand the issues marketers are facing.

What is something you’ve worked on recently that you’re really proud of?
Our Uberflip Hub. I migrated all resources including blogs, eBooks, white papers, videos, webinars, and press releases from WordPress. Moving to Uberflip saved us between 1-3 hours  per page and led to an 80% increase of blog subscribers in Q3.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a content marketer?
Creating a content journey and tailoring it to a specific segment audience will convert more qualified leads. Create content that would attract prospects that match their funnel status to assist in their conversion cycle. Do these two things and you will see more wins.

Have you seen any marketing campaigns recently that have made you wish you’d come up with them first?
This is such a great idea.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I have enjoyed using Uberflip as our resource management SASS. The road was long but it was worth it.

Check out BJ’s work with Uberflip on the Workfront Resource Center.

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