Flip the Switch: Why We’re Starting a Weekly Marketing Podcast

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Flip The Switch Podcast

I have a confession to make.

I am a podcast junkie.

I love walking to and from work each day in anticipation of getting my next podcast fix. Yes, yes, walking is also good for me, keeps me moving and all that — but mostly, it’s the podcasts.

It’s a slice of my day that’s dedicated  purely to exploring the things I’m interested in, curious about… whatever. It might be work-related, personal or completely random.

Partly due to my podcast obsession and partly because we (the Uberflip team) think it would be a great way to interact with you guys — we’re going to experiment with launching our very own podcast called Flip The Switch.

The Concept

Each week I’m going to speak with some of the most forward-thinking marketing and growth-oriented people about how they get results, approach problems and drive growth. This might include CMOs, startup founders and everything in between.

My goal will be to help deconstruct their methods and synthesize the information in a way that provides you with useful insights, actionable takeaways and new ways to approach the problems and challenges you face daily.

But first, we want to hear from you — What problems do you want to tackle? Who do you want to hear from? What topics do you want to explore?

Here’s a short questionnaire to give you a say while we’re still in the planning stages. We’ve got some great guests in the pipeline, but want to make sure we also get your own must-haves.

Curious as to why we’ve decided to try our hand at podcasting and how we’re approaching it? Read on.

Why a Podcast?

One of the things we focus on at Uberflip is creating valuable and relevant content for you and anyone else who stumbles on our Content Hub. Amongst the blog posts, eBooks and webinars we have a ton of really useful content that teaches you something. More often than not, you can walk away with at least one takeaway that will help you do things better.  

A podcast felt like a natural next step. Sure, it’s another way to connect with our audience, but it’s more than that. It allows us to add a new dimension by inviting you to help shape how our podcast evolves. Not to mention the chance to hear from some of the best in their fields.

This is one of the things that I personally love about podcasts — I feel like I can access a huge network of great teachers that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

From Tim Ferriss to Sarah Green Carmichael to Stephen Dubner  — it’s like my own personal network of people who are not only world-class in their own right, but extend their value by curating awesome people that really know their sh*t.  

And of course, there’s the practical side of podcasts. Personally, in many cases I prefer audio content to many other mediums. And I know I’m not alone. I can listen on my own time. I can listen at 2x the speed if I’m listening for utility and really want to get to the good stuff. I can listen and stay active — I don’t have to stay sedentary.

Resources Found & Lessons Learned So Far

So we’ve been immersing ourselves in the land of podcasts from the other side of the mic. As expected, the resurgence of podcasts brings with it a plethora of resources about how to launch your own. They cover everything from interview skills to the nitty gritty technical stuff that can make or break your podcast (after all, if people can’t actually hear you, you’re pretty much dead in the water).

Here are some of my fave resources so far:

As I mentioned above, we’ve already begun lining up some awe-inspiring guests — but we want to hear from you!

Click here to tell us exactly what you want out of Flip the Switch.

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