Content Roundup: What You Should Know About Predictive ABM

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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As CRM and marketing automation technology grows more sophisticated so does our ability to understand and reach out to potential clients. When sales and marketing teams are aligned, marketers gain the ability to provide sales teams with resources that can help better focus ABM efforts and deliver more targeted content to the highest value accounts.

The Future is Here With Predictive Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

While the practice of predictive ABM may not be new, the emergence of new and more sophisticated technology makes it the future of marketing in a B2B buying landscape that’s quickly changing. Read more on the Radius blog.

Why ABM Marketers Need A Predictive Account Engagement Score

Predictive ABM

Bizible’s Jordan Con makes the case for account engagement scores in your ABM efforts and gives a great overview of how this helps align your marketing and sales teams to target the right resources to the most valuable accounts. Read more on the Bizible blog.

How Predictive Analytics & ABM Go Together – Mintigo CPO Breaks It Down

Predictive ABM

“Discover, Engage, Measure, and be Strategic” – just a few of the wise words from Mintigo’s CPO Atul Kumar on how marketers can bring predictive analytics and ABM together. Make sure to check out the linked webinar, too. Read more at the Integrate blog.

The 5 Use Cases of Predictive ABM

Predictive ABM

Still not sure about predictive ABM? 6sense has put together five great use cases to help you understand how to build this level of targeting into your marketing efforts. Don’t miss the accompanying presentation from Marketo and 6sense. Read more at the 6sense blog.

All The Things: Product, Predictive, Content, and ABM [Podcast]

Predictive ABM

Don’t miss the latest episode of Flip the Switch where Uberflip’s VP of Marketing Hana Abaza talks to Sean Zinsmeister, Director of Product Marketing at Infer, about product, predictive analytics, content, and ABM. Listen here.

Still want more? Join us at The Uberflip Experience on August 24-25 in Toronto where you’ll hear from the best content marketers in the world.


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