Content Roundup: Using Silly Quizzes for Serious Marketing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Over the past year, online quizzes have taught me that I’m left-brained, that my professional spirit animal is a white lion, and that my actual age is 57.

How can you leverage quizzes in your content marketing? This week’s #ContentRoundup has some pro tips.

A Handy Guide to Using Quizzes in Your Content Marketing

Because quizzes facilitate a one-on-one conversation between your brand and the quiz taker, quizzes can’t be created in the same way as, say, a blog post. Learn more on MarketingProfs.

Why Quizzes Are Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon

According to BuzzSumo’s data, the average quiz gets shared 1,900 times. With a stat like that, yeah, we’d have to agree that quizzes could be your secret weapon. Get more data insights on quizzes from BuzzSumo.

How to Grow an Email List: 3 Case Studies on How Silly Quizzes Produce Serious Business Leads

Between these three case studies, the companies that created the quizzes collectively saw over 6,000 new leads. 6,000! Yowza! Find out how they did it on

More Than Quizzes: 3 Types of Interactive Content That Drive Leads

Quizzes aren’t the be-all-end-all of interactive content. Learn how to leverage other options, like interactive whitepapers and calculators, from Content Marketing Institute.

Quiz: Who’s Your Content Marketing Soulmate?

Let’s end this roundup on a fun note—take this fun quiz from Contently. Let us know your result in the comments!

Want to learn how to successfully leverage quizzes in your content marketing? Sign up for our free webinar with Qzzr!

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