Content Roundup: The Future of Content Marketing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Content Roundup

The content marketing space is constantly evolving as new tools and best practices enter the scene. Stay ahead of the game by reading these top articles in this week’s #ContentRoundup!

The Future of Content Marketing: Integration, Optimization and Participation

The Future of Content Marketing

“According to Altimeter Group, 60% of surveyed marketers said that content creation was a top need while 53% named distribution. That means it’s time for organizations to begin looking outside of their marketing teams for content co-creation partners and to improve content promotion at the same time.” Find out how an optimized, socialized and co-created content program works on the TopRank Marketing Blog.

The Next 5 Years: How Technology Will Shape The Future Of Content Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing

After surveying 300+ marketers & speaking with 8 top influencers, is predicting how technology will shape the future of content marketing. Read their predictions now!

Why Interactive Content Is the Future of Content Marketing 

The Future of Content Marketing

Interactive content is the future of digital marketing. It keeps people on your site for longer and boosts the chance your content will go viral. Learn more from Jeff Bullas.

A Guide to 2016 Content Marketing Trends 

The Future of Content Marketing

“Keeping up with the trends in the content marketing world is a full-time gig, but marketers can weather the storm by looking ahead. Create a strategy to cater to the coming 2016 year, and you’ll be set right out of the gate.” So, what’s on the content strategy horizon? Here are a few predictions from Business2Community! 

7 Content Marketing Predictions For The Rest Of 2016

The Future of Content Marketing

Can you believe that 2016 is half over? Here are 7 predictions about how content marketing will develop over the rest of the year from Forbes.

Want to learn more about how content marketing has evolved? Listen to this episode of Flip the Switch to hear Yoav Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of Uberflip, explain the growing importance of content experience.


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