Content Roundup: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Trends

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Content Roundup

If you’re a blogger, content marketer or in any position related to producing or promoting content online, you’re probably well aware that it’s becoming much more difficult to keep up with the competition — especially where SEO is concerned.

This week’s #ContentRoundup offers tips, tricks and trends for improving your SEO. Enjoy!

4 Must-Have SEO Hacks for Better Mobile Marketing

Optimizing for mobile goes beyond just having a responsive website. Check out these 4 hacks for optimizing your site for optimal user experience.

Google AdWords Benchmarks by Industry

Find out which industries have the highest, or lowest, Google AdWords click-through rates, engagement levels, and costs to improve your SEM and SEO. 

7 Huge Sites for Traffic That Marketers Don’t Take Advantage Of

Do you want to know why everybody focuses on SEO and social media marketing? Because everyone wants traffic for their websites, and both of these sources are huge!

What’s the Best Content For Links and Shares? 5 Ways To Use Data to Win


Content comes in all shapes and sizes — helpful “how-tos”, news, guides, opinions, roundups and rants…. but there is one type of content that stands above them all. Can you guess what it is?

8 Must-Know Trends For SEO In 2016

What’s on the SEO horizon this year? Find out in this post from Jeff Bullas.

Learn how to turn your content hub into an SEO rockstar. Watch our webinar!


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