Content Roundup: Marketers Who Entertain

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Entertaining Marketing

Earlier this month, Uberflip co-founder and COO, Randy Frisch posed a challenge for content marketers: he urged them to create more entertaining content in 2017 and share their best-performing pieces with us. We have definitely been entertained by the content we have received and thought it was only fair to share our favorites with you as well. Prepare to be impressed!

marketing pickup line

16 Marketing Pick-Up Lines to Snag Your Next Hot Date

“For the Love of Marketing,” HubSpot decided to get creative with their marketing one-liners before Valentine’s Day. They came up with a list of 16 cheesy pick-up lines to connect with and entertain fellow marketers. Read it here.

Wistia video

How to Produce a Stop Motion Video

Wistia kept us entertained with an interactive take on producing a stop motion video. Check out their tricks on how to add quirky effects to your video for optimal effect. Watch it here.

content marketing jokes

20 Jokes Only a Marketer Could Love

“You get me, and I get you”. In this post, TopRank addresses how jokes connect and unite us as a community. They hammer home this point by listing 20 jokes that only marketers would get. Read it here.

Thanksgiving Persona

We All Have A Different Thanksgiving Persona- Which Is Yours?

SnapApp had fun this past Thanksgiving with puns and predictions on what types of characters you are bound to encounter at your annual Thanksgiving dinner. They created a quiz for their audience to determine which member at the dinner table they would be. Read it here.

Content Crunch

How the Content Crunch Stole Christmas

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, Uberflip made sure to entertain our audience and boost spirits before the holidays with How the Content Crunch Stole Christmas video. Watch it here.

We hope these examples inspire you to make entertainment the primary goal for your content in 2017.

How are you planning to entertain with your content this year? Tweet @Uberflip and let us know!


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