Content Roundup: How to 10x Your Own Productivity

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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“If only there were more hours in the day,” said every marketer, at least once.

The great (but also tricky) thing about productivity is that we all work in different ways. As much as your own team can put measures in place to increase productivity, everyone has to buy-in, which means that individual productivity is more important than ever.

This week’s #ContentRoundup aims to help you increase your individual productivity as a marketer. Enjoy!

3 Wierd Productivity Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Disclaimer: I tried the cold shower trick—it worked! Give these unconventional productivity tips from Lifehack a try, and let us know in the comments if you have any unconventional productivity tricks of your own.

Supercharge Google Calendar: 30 Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Add-Ons

A marketer with a tidy calendar is a happy marketer. Try these tips from Zapier for how to supercharge your Google Calendar.

20 Top Productivity Tools for Bloggers

Blogging is a huge time suck. If you want to create a quality blog post, it requires several hours of writing and editing to get it up to scratch, even if you’re a seasoned/professional blogger. Up your bandwidth with these tool suggestions from Blogging Wizard.

The Surprising Persuasiveness of a Sticky Note

Next time you need someone to get something done, don’t yell at them. Don’t send them a Facebook message, don’t send them a SnapChat. Instead, write a sticky note. According to a recent study, sticky notes are more persuasive than you’d think.

10 of the Most Controversial Productivity Tips That Actually Work

Give up? Procrastinate? Surely these  productivity tips came from Mars or some other celestial body that is not Earth. Find out why they might work on the Buffer blog.

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