Content Roundup: Content That’s Shaken, Not Stirred

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Content Roundup

James Bond films have been delighting audiences for decades. Since part of a marketer’s job is to engage an audience, it only makes sense to take a few lessons from 007’s playbook.

This week’s #ContentRoundup includes a few fun James Bond-themed pieces of content to help you hit your content marketing targets.

How Successful Were Publishers Jumping on the James Bond Publicity Wagon?

As this roundup will showcase, James Bond films have become like the Olympics — brands are jumping on the opportunity to tie the 007 theme into their content mix. See who won on Search Engine Watch.

Marketing Lessons from 50 Years of James Bond Movies

Marketers are like secret agents, and content is your mission. Learn what James Bond can teach you about content marketing from Stefan Boyle.

Creating Content That Kills – How to James Bond Your Marketing

There’s so much content out there these days — if you want to stand out, your content has to be killer. Learn more on the Do Shit Podcast (side note: this podcast is really great).

6 Things James Bond Can Teach You About Content Marketing [Infographic]

This one’s for the real James Bond fans out there. We can definitely learn a thing or two about storytelling and delighting an audience from James Bond film plotlines — check out this infographic on Visually.

Which James Bond Marketer Are You?

Is your content marketing style more “disruptive”, like Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond, or more “targeted” like Daniel Craig’s James Bond? Read Everstring‘s fun blog post, and tell us in the comments!

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