Content Roundup: 5 Ways to Fight Content Marketing Stress

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Content Roundup

The end of the month is upon us — have you generated enough leads with your content? Have you met your social referral goals? That eBook that’s due on Monday — how’s it going?

I hate to be a downer, but workplace-related stress contributes to 120,000 deaths annually. And between the pressure to meet deadlines, constantly come up with great content ideas, and improve content performance, Content Marketers are dealing with their fair share of stress.

This week’s #ContentRoundup aims to help you tap into your zen and fight content marketing-related stress.

Baba Shiv: How Do You Find Breakthrough Ideas?

Breakthrough Ideas

As much as my experience would dictate otherwise, breakthrough ideas don’t strike like lightning. This great piece on Insights by Stanford Business offers some academically proven tips for how to make idea generation a little less random.

Is Time Really the Problem? Break the Bottlenecks in Content Production

Document Content Production Process

This step-by-step guide from Content Marketing Institute offers a great overview of how to identify the bottlenecks in your content production process. Step One: Document your process!

18 Expert Tips on Organizing Your Content Creation Process

Content Marketing Organization

Learn from your peers! Moz aggregated this great list of tried-and-tested tips and tools that actual content marketers find effective. Every content team is a little different, but you won’t know what works until you try!

4 Content Marketing Productivity Killers

Productivity Killers

I can almost guarantee that the cause of your stress is at least one of the four productivity killers mentioned in this blog post by Marketo. See for yourself.

#MarketingNerds: Productivity & Content Marketing Hacks With Jerod Morris

Content Marketing Hacks

Who better to hear from about productivity and content marketing hacks than Copyblogger’s Jerod Morris? Listen to the podcast on Search Engine Journal.

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