Case Study: How Dyn Leveraged Content to Increase MRR by 56% in Under a Year

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Dyn Uberflip Case Study

Content marketing is fundamentally grounded in a variety of processes.

That means one way to improve ROI is to focus on the infrastructure at the heart of these processes that impact your team’s capacity to “do content marketing” effectively — to publish, manage and distribute content, execute lead gen campaigns, and turn insight into action.

That’s why when Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance company, decided to revisit their content marketing machine, they were able to generate better results from all of their content and gain a deeper understanding of content marketing’s contribution to monthly recurring revenue.

But their marketing team had to overcome a few obstacles before getting there.

The Challenge: Breaking down the barriers to efficiency

Dyn had many parts to their content marketing machine moving all at once—just not in harmony. Content and demand generation, especially, were functioning in silos. A tedious content management workflow with WordPress, which didn’t integrate seamlessly with their Marketo instance, wasn’t helping things either.

The user experience for visitors also wasn’t optimized to encourage them to stick around long enough to read more content and, consequently, convert into leads.

If content wasn’t gated, then it would be managed on WordPress. If it was gated, it lived within Marketo and was hidden behind a landing page that forced visitors out of the experience.

Shareability and discoverability of their content suffered, all because of a stale and static CMS experience that didn’t play well with their other marketing tools.

Dyn’s dilemma was this: Do they build in-house, an initiative that would require months, or buy a specialized solution that addressed their unique content marketing challenges?

Either way, they needed a content marketing system that offered:

  • A place where all of their content could live: eBooks, blog posts, videos, etc.
  • The ability to generate more leads from both their existing content and all future content.
  • Metrics to track Content ROI and give their Marketing team better insights to act upon.
  • Seamless integration with their existing content framework, Marketo and other marketing tools.
  • A way to close the gap between content and demand gen teams in order to streamline their processes.

Dyn opted to invest in a solution that met all of these needs.

Solution: Restructure the content engine 

After learning about Uberflip at a conference and discovering that the solution coincided with Dyn’s content marketing needs, they decided to implement Uberflip as their new system for managing content.

Once their Uberflip content hub was set up, Dyn’s marketing team was no longer going between WordPress and Marketo to manage all their content. Plus, the visitor experience not only encouraged content consumption now, but also tracked how visitors consumed content for a clearer picture of the journey from content to conversion.

Dyn Content Hub

Dyn was now able to:

  • Easily manage and gate content to generate leads within the same content management system, without forcing visitors to leave the content experience.
  • Streamline their content marketing processes and break out of the silos between content marketing and demand generation.
  • Keep their existing content and marketing ecosystem intact with the ability to easily connect Uberflip with RSS feeds, Wistia, Optimizely, SlideShare, AddThis, Marketo, Google Analytics and many more.
  • Track conversion rates and understand the impact of each piece of content.

Result: Better processes, bigger increases  

By combining Uberflip with Marketo, Dyn now had a clearer understanding of their ROI from content, could generate leads from their content with contextual CTAs, and break down the siloed processes between their content and demand generation teams.

“Uberflip helps us keep our visitors engaged, which is definitely represented in our conversion numbers.”

— Kelly O’Hara, Content Marketing Associate at Dyn

Within a year, Dyn managed to:

  • Increase closed won opportunities by 57% among those sourced from content.
  • Increase MRR attributed to content by 56%, which they were now able to track better.
  • Increase unique pageviews by 312% by building a content consumption journey.
  • Boost visitors’ time on page by 143% with an optimized user experience. 

Dyn’s story is a testament to how a well-oiled marketing machine can make the most of the great content that fuels it. Beyond the creation of valuable content, the technology and processes you implement can empower your every effort.

As with all processes, we need to ask, “Is this the best way to be doing things?” Chances are we can always find a better way. 


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