Case Study: How DoubleDutch Increased Their Impressions by 219

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Growing your content production isn’t easy, especially when your website is owned by the engineering team, built completely outside of a CMS. The team at DoubleDutch knew this struggle a bit too well.

Once content finally made it live (after weeks of passing through different hands), DoubleDutch’s Senior Marketing Manager, Justin Gonzalez, found new obstacles in regards to creating an experience that attracted readers and gaining valuable insights into what was actually working.

“We lost visibility into what leads did with the content after they received it because we were using static PDF downloads. Did they actually read the piece? How far did they get? Where is the drop-off? Did they skip ahead to a different section? We had zero visibility into engagement with our content.

It became difficult to properly score leads because the DoubleDutch team couldn’t know for sure if a downloaded PDF was ever read – or even received. On a few occasions, prospects told DoubleDutch’s sales team that they never received an email with the piece of content they signed up for. This is when DoubleDutch came to Uberflip to help increase their visitors, impressions, and conversions.

Regaining Control Over Content

Moving their resources to the Uberflip platform was the first step DoubleDutch took toward maturing their content strategy. Like many other marketing teams in need of a solution, DoubleDutch used to keep track of all of their assets within a Google Doc spreadsheet but after the switch, they were able to better keep track of and organize their content.

To make matters even more confusing, the sales team would frequently create duplicates of old or expired collateral since they didn’t have a go-to place for up-to-date content. This only led to more clutter and disarray.

After Uberflip proved its worth as a better way to organize DoubleDutch’s content, it was evident just how autonomous the marketing team would become after its initial build out only took one day (remember, it used to take two weeks to just upload one PDF to their website!).

The move to Uberflip also allowed Justin and his team to finally take back control of their content. “I no longer have to rely on engineering to push new content onto our website. Meaning we can run campaigns quicker than ever, and iterate on our strategy when needed,” Justin shared.

A Better Experience Means Better Results

Key StatisticsProcess taken care of, Justin and his team were able to focus on improving the overall content experience. They were able to organize the content for better discoverability as well as add more strategic CTAs to the content flow, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

In fact, over two quarters since their new Hub’s launch, the more strategic placement of CTAs garnered a 219% increase in impressions and an overall 46% in conversions.

While it was great to see these numbers go up, Justin knew that without proper insights into these numbers, they were more or less meaningless. Uberflip’s Flipbook design enabled the DoubleDutch team to see exactly what their visitors were doing after they filled out a form. They could now go page by page to see where their readers were dropping off, on which pages readers were staying longer, and pinpoint areas where readers zoomed in to show a greater interest.

These insights allowed the marketing team to build a stronger content plan with the confidence that they knew exactly what their readers wanted to see – and what they didn’t.

“I can honestly say the team has been wonderful to work with,” Justin commented about DoubleDutch’s Uberflip implementation. “Yes, we’ve hit a few bumps along the way, but the people behind Uberflip are just some of the most amazing I’ve ever met. On top of that, the onboarding experience was flawless, the platform works as expected, and the team is incredibly responsive.”

Armed with this information, Justin was able to transform content from a service center into a center of excellence, informing every part of the business strategy at each stage of the customer journey.

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