7+ Podcasts to Make You a Smarter Marketer

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Marketing Podcast

Podcasts are a power medium for a number of reasons — namely, they’re portable, available on-demand, and (best of all) free.

The combination of these three traits creates prime real estate for marketing content. And, when three out of four people are motivated to learn online because they want to do their job faster and better, this means podcasts are especially effective for reaching a B2B audience.

As you may have heard, we’ve been exploring how to start our own marketing podcast (and we’re pretty pumped about it!). While you patiently wait for our first episode to be released, we thought we’d whet your appetite with a few of our favorite podcasts.

Must-listen marketing podcasts

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a conversation between two marketing leaders? The podcasts below pretty much turn this dream into a reality.

Marketing Over Coffee with John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

Marketing Over Coffee is (surprise) recorded in a coffee shop every week and covers a variety of marketing topics. Published every Thursday morning, each episode is only around 20 minutes long, but offers tons of insight that “you could only get from a casual conversation outside the office”.

Content Pros Podcast on Convince & Convert

A new Content Pros episode is released twice every month, and each one gets better than the last. Typically, each episode features a a content marketing expert as a guest. Hosted by marketing professionals that are content pros themselves (like Uberflip COO Randy Frisch), they know the right questions to ask to really pick the brain of the pro they’re interviewing.

Social Pros Podcast on Convince & Convert

In similar fashion to Content Pros, Social Pros also features a new guest in each episode, who provides actionable tips and insights into the world of social media marketing. If you’re looking for insight from real people doing real work in social media, Social Pros is a must-listen.

The Growth Show by HubSpot

The Growth Show consistently captures great stories that cover all aspects of growth — growing a business, growing a team, or even growing an idea. Released weekly, The Growth Show is also presented in an interview-style format, featuring awesome guests like Mark Roberge, Sophia Amoruso, and Seth Godin.

Call to Action by Unbounce

Call to Action delivers actionable marketing insights from the action-oriented marketing leaders — what more could you want from a podcast? Call to Action is especially great because the episodes go beyond “big ideas”, diving right into the actionable insights that you can apply right away.

Business and lifestyle podcasts

While the podcasts below don’t exclusively offer marketing insights, they provide some great tips for improving your business and lifestyle in general.

The James Altucher Show on the Stansberry Radio Network

James Altucher is a pretty cool guy to listen to, and he conducts awesome interviews (about marketing, and otherwise) with his podcast guests, who range from Tucker Max to Mark Cuban. He also uses his podcasts to answer questions around life and career optimization, like “How can I avoid burnout?” and “Is there such a thing as true love?”

The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week

Ranked as the #1 Business Podcast on iTunes, Tim Ferriss’ podcast focuses on “deconstructing” the habits and practices of world-class leaders to extract the tactics and tips that we can use in our daily lives. His previous guests have included everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Peter Thiel, and he often covers marketing topics like how to build an audience from scratch.

Podcasts for the well-rounded listener

The on-demand nature of podcasts means that you can make your podcast roster highly customized to your interests.

However, listening to the same or similar topics won’t expand your horizons. Use this medium as an opportunity to broaden the scope of what you consume — as a friend of mine once said, “It’s in the melding of ideas from different domains where creativity thrives, and the source is often in the unexpected.”

So, take the time to expand what and who you listen to, vary your sources of information and feed your mind with something new and unexpected.

Here are a few great places to start covering topics outside the realm of marketing:

  • Slack Variety Pack — Often described as ‘This American Life’ meets ‘The Office’.

  • Startup — Each episode aims to answer the question, “What does it really take to get a business off the ground?”

  • Reply All — How people shape the Internet, and how the Internet shapes people.

  • a16z — Some great episodes about startups, growth, and work/life balance.

  • Freakonomics Radio — Discovering the hidden side of everything.

  • Death, Sex and Money — A podcast about the big choices and hard questions that you probably wouldn’t bring up in day-to-day conversations.

  • Hardcore History — Explores topics in world history, “theater of the mind” style.

Stay tuned

After reading this you might think I spend all my time listening to podcasts. Rest assured, this isn’t the case. But podcasts have become a key resource for me whether I’m looking for practical tips or inspiration.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? How do they enrich your life? Tell us in the comments!

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