10 Practical Tips to Kick Start Your Social Selling Efforts In 2015 [Video]

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth
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With 2015 firmly upon us, an increasing number of sales professionals around the world will start to study social selling as a way to find, educate and engage with buyers.

Here is a list of 10 practical tips you can use to get started on your journey. You don’t have to turn into a world-class social seller overnight; you can start slow. Without further ado, let’s jump in!


Get yourself a buyer-centric LinkedIn Profile! Here’s a quick guide to help you.


Are you on Twitter? Be one with the blue bird. Follow, interact and engage with buyers, prospects, advocates and supporters!


Be an influencer, don’t be a pest. LinkedIn did a survey of 1500 B2B buyers and asked them about the attributes they wish to see in the sales people they engage with. The # 1 attribute was someone who is a thought leader. Consider writing your own content if you’re ready and feel comfortable.


Share content. Prove to your market that you have what it takes, that you have demonstrable knowledge. Be a resource to your buyers. Remember, you can’t convey experience and expertise over a 2 minute phone call. Share content, educate and the buyer and meet them knowing that they already think of you as an expert…not a “sales person” trying to sell them.


Be authentic. Don’t think you have to be like someone. Be yourself because that’s when you’ll be natural. Remember, people buy from people…not robots.


Help first. Don’t “sell” in the traditional sense, sell with a purpose to HELP the buyer.


Engage your network. Don’t be the sales person that “just connects” online. Reach out, say hello, let folks know what you do, how you can help them. As Jill Rowley says, “your network is your net worth”.


Work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Go Mobile! Get yourself set up with powerful mobile apps that help you find, educate and engage buyers on the go. Sales never sleeps!


Share your ideas openly and freely. Help your colleagues and peers. In their success is yours.


Go offline. Remember, social selling doesn’t mean you don’t have to meet with people. Use social at all stages of the buying journey, but don’t stay behind your computer all day long.

Some of these tips might seem like common sense to you. Some may seem outlandish. The key is to latch on to one or more of these and practice them repeatedly. Need help? Feel free to ping me and I can walk you through these steps or answer any questions you have.

And finally, remember that social selling isn’t difficult…it’s just different.

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