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The Proven Way for Revenue Leaders to Grow Sales Pipeline and Achieve Revenue Goals

Why does this matter?

Only about half of revenue teams are making their number. It’s a scary thing.

Right now, your revenue team is likely prospecting in a non-standardized way. Results aren’t just unpredictable, they’re unscalable.

But, time is the BIGGEST asset your team has. Focusing it on stakeholders, accounts, and tactics that actually work can boost your sales pipeline considerably.

About the Guide

Wondering which Signals your revenue team can focus on?
Check out some of these examples that you’re likely missing out on.

The Job Change Alert
Knowing when key stakeholders & decision makers are joining helps to build new relationships and grow your list of potential buyers.

The Advocate
Imagine investing so much time in building a relationship with someone and they leave. Now you can track them to their new job and talk about opening up opportunities there.
The Digital Referral
Don’t just ask customers for random referrals; tell them exactly who you want to meet to get timely referral introductions.

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By learning which Signals work, you can laser focus your team’s energy on pursuing activities that drive more sales pipeline.
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