See where your company ranks against other industry competitors.

Social Benchmarking Study

Less than 25% of Cybersecurity Sales Professionals are
Sharing Content Regularly
on Social Media

We conducted a social benchmarking survey on 188 cybersecurity companies, focusing on the network strength and content sharing activities of a total of 10,018 sales professionals with the titles Account Executives, Account Managers, Inside Sales Executives, and Customer Success Managers.

We were curious to know:
Are cybersecurity companies leveraging social channels—specifically, Linkedin—to sell virtually?

What You’ll Get by Reading Our Study

The current social selling landscape of the cybersecurity industry.

Where your company ranks versus competitors in terms of content sharing and network strength.

The sales opportunities that you’re missing out on by not focusing on social selling.

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What's Inside

Industry Spotlight: Cybersecurity Industry

Network Strength

19.2% of cybersecurity sales teams have less than 500 LinkedIn connections.

In sales, relationships are the blood and sweat of each closed deal. Learning how to expand your network through social platforms isn’t just easy and doable – it’s also highly effective.

Without a doubt, your sales teams are in conversation with multiple prospects at any given time. You can start right there. By connecting online, you can reap additional wins.

Content Sharing

Only 24.2% of sellers in your industry share content.

Sharing content when you’re part of your company’s sales team is – and should be – a big part of your daily routine. This applies to all sales positions: enablement, development, customer success, and even executive roles.

Sharing the right type of content to your current network and target audience consistently achieves several advantages for you.

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Why This is Important

Cybersecurity Firms Hold a Powerful Position with Hundreds of Companies Vying for Mindshare

Social Benchmarking Study: Cybersecurity Industry

Why LinkedIn?

Out of the 750+ million LinkedIn members, 65+ million are decision-makers from across 200 countries. 80% of people you’ll find on this social platform help drive business decisions.

What does this mean for your sales team?

LinkedIn is a powerful resource to tap into target audiences, leverage individuals’ and companies’ behavior, interests, engagement, and more.

Thanks to this social network, it is more possible than ever to reach out to people who are actually involved in making buying decisions.

In fact, 40% of B2B marketers reported that it is the most effective channel for finding and pursuing high-quality leads.

Why You Should Think About Mindshare

Before you can have a share of the market, you must have a share of mind.

Linda S. Wolf, CEO of Leo Burnett Worldwide

Mindshare refers to a person’s awareness of your company or product. For instance, Google, Velcro, Campbell’s, and Chapstick have insanely high levels of mindshare – and even higher levels of profitability coming out of its power.

Mindshare aims at what we all want in sales and marketing:
to create buzz and brand awareness for your product or service.

It means whenever someone thinks of or feels the need for a product or service, you are the first brand that comes to mind.

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Download The Cybersecurity Social Benchmarking Study

About Sales for Life

Why and How We Can Help You Achieve Sales Goals

Sales for Life started as a social selling training and consulting company. Today, we’ve amassed a healthy portfolio of past and current clients from different industries in the B2B realm. We aid these organizations to generate billions of dollars in revenue and pipeline growth. Our team has been able to work with revenue teams from all over the world, including name brands that belong on the Fortune 100 list.

We’re already working with cybersecurity companies, providing insight about content sharing and training their sellers to build their network strength, with the end goal of improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability. These companies have committed to refine their sales process, and we’re just as committed to guiding them every step of the way.

These two pillars of social selling: content sharing and network strength, are only a glimpse of what we offer. And they’re part of our signature product, The ScalePipeline System.

We can work with you, too. We’re committed to helping you grow your sales pipeline through actionable intelligence. You’ll gain an understanding of the science behind predictable sales pipeline creation and scaling, see actual results in real-time (during training), and improve your sellers’ outcomes before the training is even finished.

Download The Cybersecurity Social Benchmarking Study

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