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Why You Need to Train Sales Reps to Engage Modern Buyers

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Sales professionals are keenly aware that the modern buyer has evolved in recent years. As technology continues to change the way people connect, it also changes their expectations about purchases and interacting with sales representatives.

Companies that forget to practice social selling daily are 40% less likely to  hit their revenue goals.

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Proving the Business Value of Sales Enablement with Metrics


While sales enablement is a relatively new concept in the history of sales, it’s quickly become a critical component to many SaaS and enterprise businesses. Sales enablement does just that – it enables sales teams to be more efficient, more productive, and thus more profitable.

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The Keys to Quality Sales Calls: Structure and Similarity

The best sales reps know sales isn’t about luck. Quite the opposite, sales results come from thoughtful strategic planning. That planning happens at a high level through activities like customer experience mapping and annual sales strategy sessions. However, equally as important is the planning that goes into individual customer interactions and sales calls.

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How To Accelerate The Mindset and Skillset Of Your Sales Team with Toolset


With thousands of sales enhancement tools available to layer on top of a CRM, many sales managers see a more robust tech stack as the path to increased sales. However, the result for a lot of companies is a bloated toolset that costs expensive resources – both dollars and people – to maintain.

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How To Build A Social Selling Pilot Program That Drives Business Results

social-selling-pilot-program-results.jpgWhen it comes time to choose a group of salespeople for a successful social selling pilot group, there are many variables to consider. Does age matter? What about specific sales roles? And does your pilot group need a certain amount of social experience?

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Low-Risk Approach To Launching Social Selling In Your Organization

low-risk-launch-social-selling.jpgSocial selling has been in the market for at least four years now. And in those four years we’ve trained 300 customers. I recently pulled data from our CRM and realized we’ve had conversations with thousands of companies that just haven’t been willing to take the leap into social selling training.

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True Social Selling Programs Start From The Inside-Out

social-selling-program-3.jpgExpertise can’t be gained overnight. If you’re a believer in big data and how stories can be used to identify trends, you’ll agree with Malcolm Gladwell’s analysis from Outliers.

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7 Steps To Ensure Your Sales Team Is Using Social Selling Everyday

ensure-social-selling-everyday.jpgAs the old adage teaches, starting matters but staying the course counts.

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Social Selling Training in 2017: A Predictive Approach

social-selling-in-2017-a-predictive-approach.jpgThe next year in social selling training is going to see some huge jumps. Companies and individuals are going to be able to track their progress like never before, translating into better performance more efficient training.

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The Unsung Heroes Of Social Selling Programs

An unsung hero that social selling and digital selling has been having on sales organizations a lot of people haven’t been talking about is recruiting and retention.