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Sales Trends In 2015: Predictions By 14 Industry Experts [Report]

Sales Trend In 2015Everybody’s got an opinion. But not all opinions are equally good, at least not in the business world.

If you want to hit your average yearly quota, keep doing what you’re doing; follow the advice of good, not great, sales professionals. But if you’re ready to finally exceed your wildest sales expectations, be wise and heed the recommendations of today’s most successful sales leaders.

What do the top experts in Sales have to say about the future of the industry in 2015? What do they agree on? What can you do about it?

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4 Simple Reasons Why Sales Reps Should be Chief Listening Officers [Video]

Here’s a novel concept: let’s listen to our buyers!

From the day we contemplated joining the sales profession right down to today, our Managers, Directors and VP’s have always emphasized the importance of listening. “Get to know your buyers”, we’ve heard. And “Know their likes and dislikes” and even “get to know them personally”.

And how about these catchy phrases?

“Listen more. Talk less.” Or how about “You’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.”?

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What Does A Top Marketing Executive Say About Being Socially Engaged?

Meet Magdalena Kotek, Global Marketing Leader at Global Financial Solutions @ GE Capital. Magdalena, Jill Rowley, and I were having a beer at a fabulous restaurant in the Bund district of Shanghai, China, two weeks ago. We were there for a project with GE.

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Attention Managers: 7 Skills And Traits Of Modern Sales Teams

Most businesses have realized that in order to continue on successfully, they have to employ modern sales tactics that have been adapted to the current business environment. Sales teams need to hone new skills in order to give customers and clients exactly what they want and boost your chances of success. Here are some skills and traits that modern sales teams should start brushing up on.

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3 Reasons Why Sales Shouldn’t Wait For Marketing! (Video)

The one thing we hear consistently from the sales pros we train is that they want to share content but want it delivered to them on a silver platter. Below are 3 reasons you’ll want to remember if this is the case!

Before I begin, a special note for our friends in marketing: this isn’t meant to be a dig at you. It’s meant to help the sales pros in your company start with the habit of sharing content.

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Seeing Eye to Eye: 4 Keys for Sales & Marketing Alignment

It’s every company’s nightmare scenario, and an all-too-common one. The sales team doesn’t “get” what the marketing team is up to, and the marketing team doesn’t appreciate the sales team’s efforts either. But without one, the other can’t function. Here are some things you can do to get these teams seeing eye to eye.

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3 Lessons Crown Molding Taught Me About Social Selling Tools

One of my bucket list items is to appear on the television show Renovation Realities.

For the uninitiated, this program profiles ordinary people attempting to perform home improvements of varying degree of difficulty – often with hilarious, read: disastrous, results.

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What Is The ROI Of Social Selling? 5X Your Investment!

Banner Social 60 Secs

This is pretty simple. We’ve worked with 45,000 sales reps in over 200 companies.

We measure (using their CRM) the effectiveness that sales education, specifically Social Selling, has on each sales rep over 1 year.

On average – for every $1 a company puts into a sales rep for Social Selling training, that sales rep will make the company $5 within 180 days!