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The Resurrection Of The B2B Salesperson [Infographic]

Forrester has proclaimed that by 2020 1 million sales jobs will be obsolete. Their newest research –which Forrester will fully reveal in an upcoming free webinar– also recommends that in order to keep up with the modern buyer, B2B salespeople should adapt or perish. Quite alarming for many B2B sales teams. However every cloud has a silver lining.

The demise of traditional B2B salespeople signals a new opportunity to reboot your sales team. Our latest infographic, leverages Forrester’s data to illustrate the current four seller archetypes and suggests new ways to design a scalable sales force that aligns with the rapidly-evolving modern buyer.

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7 Data-Driven Reasons Why You Must Align Sales And Marketing

7 Data Driven Reasons Why You Must Align Sales And MarketingWhat is it with sales and marketing? Haven’t you ever wondered what all the tension is really about? They share the same goal of bringing in customers and they frequently use the same communications channels. Even some of the best companies can’t tell them apart. However, if you are still struggling with bringing these two divisions together, it helps to think of the problem as something akin to sibling rivalry. What may seem like a slight alteration in priorities or procedures can often drive them into conflict. It’s up to you to straighten them out.

If you want to start reaping all the benefits of sales and marketing alignment, digital transformation is your answer. Put the right people, process and technologies in place to help them collaborate seamlessly, eliminate the blame game and turbocharge revenues. If you need help justifying this kind of digital transformation for your business, here’s the data and hard stats that will make your case for you.

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Marketing vs. Sales Enablement: Who Fosters Digital Transformation?

Marketing VS Sales Enablement

“Marketing is absolutely the place to drive this transformation [in sales]… If you don’t have a corporate strategy around social media and social selling, and if you don’t proactively build that strategy collectively with sales, then however many number of sales people you have is however many strategies you have. It’s completely intersected.” –Bryan Jones, VP Commercial Marketing at Dell

I recently read this quote from Bryan Jones, VP Commercial Marketing at Dell. I both agree and disagree with Bryan. Here’s why.

In world-class organizations, digital transformation is the role of the sales enablement department. Sales enablement is part of the Revenue Generating team, which includes sales operations, sales, and marketing. Great sales enablement teams connect these commercial departments, and act as the bridge between the VP of Sales and the VP of Marketing.

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It’s A Buyer Funnel, Not A Sales Process [Infographic]

Your buyers have typically completed 57% of their process before actively engaging with Sales. So what are you doing to help them along their journey? The modern buyer is online using search engines, doing their due diligence, joining online communities, on social media to become better informed about their challenges and potential solutions. Your buyers know what they’re looking for and if not, they have the power of copious amounts of knowledge available at their fingertips.

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Why Continuous Learning Is Crucial For Client Relevancy

Why Continuous Learning Is Crucial For Client RelevancyYou have changed. I have changed. Buyers have changed. 74% of today’s B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase, and Forrester predicts that 12% of all B2B sales in the US will take place online by 2020.

That’s the reality of living in the digital economy.

When was the last time you made a big decision without going online first to research? How often are you on your mobile every day? Checking Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Even if we deny that things around us are not being impacted digitally, that’s not stopping this reality from progressing fast. There is a ton of opportunity but of course change brings challenges. Society, businesses, and individuals are experiencing things constantly that we haven’t before.

Do you have all the answers on how to create effective digital business models? Does anyone?

It’s a continuous journey, we are all doing our best to figure it out.

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The Identity Crisis Of Sales Enablement [Infographic]

The role of Sales Enablement has evolved significantly within a short period of time however some companies still don’t understand the impact this role can have on revenue. Businesses that are having moderate to huge results are have done so through the right strategy. In fact, this can be directly tied to Sales Enablement as 61% believe this role helps define strategy.

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The New Role Of Sales: 3 Surprising Skills You’ll Need To Succeed

Before I discuss the future, let’s look back at how the role of sales professionals has evolved. When I founded Sales for Life on January 1, 2010, I intended to take all of the Sales 2.0 best practices (such as cold calling and inside sales best practices) and coach local Toronto businesses on how to build SDR and ADR inside sales teams. At that time, I had just been exposed to marketing automation, live chat, inbound lead notification tools, and auto-dialers—and was confident that was the absolute future of selling.

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Blowing Up The Silos Between Sales And Marketing

When applying for a traditional sales or marketing role in the future, here’s what you’ll hear:

“Congratulations! Welcome to the Revenue Department.”

That’s right, this entire concept of sales & marketing living in silos will have to blow up one day. My Spidey Senses aren’t strong enough to predict exactly when this will occur but, through some leading indicators that are fairly evident to those that are observing, it will happen within the next 10 years.

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Making Sales Enablement Work: 3 Must-Haves For Your Organization

3 Must-Haves for Your OrganizationSales enablement is becoming a hot topic. And the role of enablement has changed a lot over the last five years. Five years ago, enablement was essentially an extension of the HR department. But times have changed. And sophisticated companies are realizing that having enablement linked to HR doesn’t work for sales and marketing departments. There’s a new enablement department on the horizon, and it will change the landscape of sales and marketing to increase commercial outcomes exponentially. Here’s how.

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Should Leaders Practice Social Selling Or Leave It To Their Team?

Should Leaders Practice Social Selling or Leave It to Their TeamGenerals lead by example. In every historically-notable war story, we’ve witnessed this common, underlying trend. As leaders, the generals provide inspiration, motivation and help instill discipline. But, they also provide guidance, coaching, mentorship and that spirit to become our best.