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Why Formal Alignment Is The Clearest Path To High Performance [Roundup]

With the new year coming up, chances are you’re focused on ensuring your sales organization ends the year strong and is well prepared strategically for the upcoming year.

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The Role Of Sales Leadership In Driving Change With Social Selling


Sales leadership, you are the voice of accountability.  

We’ve seen Marketers, Sales Operations and/or Sales Enablement leaders champion a social selling program by themselves. The result has nearly been a 100-percent failure rate because in most cases, the sales professional does not report to those roles.

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Your Digital Reputation Gets You In The Boardroom

Online Reputation in Sales

Recently, my VP Sales, Brian Lipp and I flew into Manhattan for a meeting with a global company that brought their CSO, CMO and Enablement teams all to the same boardroom.

As Brian and I put down our bags to start setting up for the meeting, the Chief Sales Officer said energetically, “I was checking you out online Jamie and I see you’re connected to Steve Richards from ExecVision. I’ve reached out to him to understand more about how you’re connected.”

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A Recipe For Failure: When Sales Leadership Fails To Embrace Change

Growth doesn’t happen without change and change doesn’t happen without a compelling reason to shift off the status quo. Without change, your sales organization cannot open new opportunities, remain competitive or stay current to what the market demands. But the unknown nature of change can be scary!

So why change? Well if you’re working in most organizations, you may have noticed that sales goals are continuously growingly while hitting them becomes more continuously more challenging, buyers now control the sales process and emerging technologies have made selling more efficient. The sales leaders who embrace the need for change will come out on top, those who don’t will walk into a recipe for failure. 

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Effectiveness Vs. Efficiency: How Sales Leadership Can Optimize Team Performance [Roundup]

shutterstock_521323597.jpgWelcome to your weekly roundup for Oct -27. In this week’s roundup, we’ve gathered insights from several different articles around one topic: optimizing your sales team’s performance. In this installment, you’ll learn how sales coaching can optimize your team’s prospecting efforts, four opporunities sales enablement can help with your sales force and what skills are necessary for a top performing sales rep.