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Effective Sales Enablement Requires Tighter Alignment Around Value Messaging


Sales reps ask for more content, yet the content already created by product teams, marketing and sales enablement groups seems to sit there taking up server space and offering zero action. Some research indicates that up to 65 percent of the content created for sales teams is going to waste. Why?

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Benchmark Study: The State of Social Selling in Sales Force Enablement


Over the past year, software for sales force enablement has emerged from the margins to take center stage in the evolution of the sales function. That’s one of the central findings from CSO Insights’ third annual, global Sales Enablement Optimization Study. A solid majority – 59.2 percent of companies surveyed – now report having a dedicated sales enablement platform.

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The Direct Correlation Between Learning Behavior And Sales Results


A passion project of mine has been working with customers to empirically prove that sales professionals who are willing to learn new skills and apply what they’ve learned in the market are most likely to outperform their peers.

Along this journey, we’ve begun combining our learning behavioral information (data gathered from our Learning Management System) against the CRM data of each of our customers. In between the correlation between learning behaviour and revenue is action – also known as digital activity. An example of this action indicator is LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI), content sharing from your employer advocacy tool or the acceleration of new contacts in your CRM per account (drawn from social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter).

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Sales Enablement Spotlight: Best-In-Class Social Selling Vs. Status Quo

Enablement teams are being pressured to produce frameworks, courses, programs at a dizzying pace, and many times without the adequate resources (people, technology, budgets) to scale.

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Making Learning Stick: How Xerox Designs Unforgettable Sales Training

Yesterday morning I couldn’t remember where I put my keys, but I still remember what movie I went to on my 16th birthday and that was a LONG time ago.

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Discovery to Decision: How To Tackle A Tough Buyer Journey With Content

Think about the last time you made a major purchase decision in your personal life. Where did you start? Did you jump on Google, maybe you asked your Facebook network or checked out those Amazon reviews?

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Spam Or Education: What Kind Of Content Are You Sharing?

Everyone, including yours truly, advocates for sales professionals sharing content to their social networks. But is it worth it?

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The Mother of All Learning: The Reality of Reinforcement & How To Deal With It

reality-reinforcement-sales.jpgWhat do Wayne Gretzky, Yo-Yo Ma and great sales professionals have in common? 

They all spend an immeasurable amount of time honing their craft. This is the catalyst to the 10,000 hours needed to become an expert at anything. 

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The Most Common Sales Enablement Mistakes And How To Fix Them

common-sales-enablement-mistakes.jpgSales leaders: if you’re at a company that can afford the luxury of sales enablement, you know there’s a huge opportunity for boosting quota and win rates. It’s been proven when sales enablement steps it up, everybody wins. Even if you’re at a smaller company, those spearheading traditional sales enablement functions can still take away how to improve their efforts from this post.

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The State Of Sales Enablement

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