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Social Selling: How Your Sales to Marketing Ratio Impacts Results

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Social Listening: How to Ignite Sales and Buyer Engagement

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“I have a dream”… You Will Teach NEW IDEAS Before Your Competitors

I had a dream. No really, I actually had this dream 2 nights before writing this on a flight to London, UK. Here is how the dream goes:

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How to Sell Faster Using ChatBots for Sales Enablement

When asked about the defining difference between successful sales outreach and those which fail to close the deal, there are two common, differentiating factors.

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How I profile buyers and prepare before a meeting

Approach to Profiling Buyers Before a Meeting
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Pitfalls To Avoid When Implementing Social Selling


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How to Grow Top Line Revenue against Corporate Goal


Sales departments have been under increasing scrutiny in the last few years. Many sales professionals are looking for ways to grow top line revenue, especially in the face of stiffer corporate goals. Even when social selling and digital selling strategies are adopted for the business, corporate goals may remain out of reach.

Companies that forget to practice social selling daily are 40% less likely to  hit their revenue goals.


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Sales Teams Unlock Productivity and Increase Sales With the Power of Social


Companies still struggle with formalizing their approach to social selling. The sales process itself doesn’t change with the addition of social selling, but using it as a data mining tool has the power to speed the customer’s journey through the traditional sales funnel, allowing salespeople who use social selling outperform those who do not.

The social sharing landscape provides the perfect opportunity for sales people to tune into their customers and potential customers’ needs, wants, goals and frustrations.

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Why Digital Transformation Always Requires A Top-Down Strategy

With so much literature and data supporting the need for digital transformation, it might seem like all modern companies are making the leap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only 3 percent of CEOs say they’ve successfully completed digital transformations. Why? They might be standing in their own way.

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Sales Leaders: Why You Must Maximize Your Team’s Potential


This week I was in New Delhi, India working with the sales leadership team at Microsoft’s inside sales digital center. The team was eager to learn new skills, and frankly surprised me with all the sales methodologies, books, podcasts, etc. that they consume on the regular basis. But what caught my attention most was their upfront transparent view on sales training, and its ability to enhance sellers’ careers (knowing full well that some sellers then become a flight risk).