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How To Outperform Your Competitors With The Sales Multiplier Effect


I can’t tell you how many times I hear from customers or prospective customers “man, you guys are everywhere!” That’s rarely an insult. Customers want to deal with best-of-breed and guess what, they correlate a brand being everywhere, to being the leader of its space.

At Sales for Life, we only have a small team but we have customers with 100’s or 1,000’s of sales professionals globally and have barely recognized the power of amplifying their voices in the market.

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Spam Or Education: What Kind Of Content Are You Sharing?

Everyone, including yours truly, advocates for sales professionals sharing content to their social networks. But is it worth it?

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Marketing’s Role In A Social Selling Journey


If you’re a CEO, Revenue Officer, or Enablement Leader looking to transform your go-to-market strategy toward digital selling, don’t include the marketers that pick out your corporate colors, and office swag. 

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The Viral Formula: Secrets of LinkedIn Publisher

secrets-linkedin-publisher.jpgGetting your LinkedIn Publisher posts to go viral is no easy feat. In my humble experience, it requires a careful combination of knowing your audience, proper distribution and timing.

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Window Time: How Your Sales Team Can Create Original Insights

sales-create-insights.jpgWe’ve heard time and time again questions about how we create so much content. There is a concept at our company called “Window Time.”

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Relationship Goals: 6 Tactics To Align Sales And Marketing

If your sales and marketing teams are living in different rooms of the same house, it’s time for a redesign. It’s 2016, after all, and open concepts are all the buzz.

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No You Can’t Be a Thought Leader: Should Sales Create Content?

No you Cant Be a Thought LeaderWhile this is a question that was asked in the past by sales and marketing leaders, it’s now a hot topic when it comes to social selling implementation.

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Here’s Why You’re Wasting $18 Million On Content

Sales Content CreationSiriusDecisions research reveals that 65% of all content B2B organizations create has magic powers: the ability to disappear into thin air! That’s to say that after all of the work put into creating said content, the biggest group of distributors – employees and mainly sales – don’t share it. Doesn’t this concern you? It’s estimated that in enterprise orgs up to $18 million is wasted each year because of this.

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Ideas That Stick: Why Buyers Like Some Content And Hate Others [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a sales pro, how do I know the most effective content to share? According to Fractyl, it has to be visual, credible and appeal to buyer’s emotion. These are three of six elements the company highlighted as key aspects of successful content.

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4 Ways To Create Content That Buyers Find Helpful

In general, most content stinks. According to SiriusDecisions, 60-70% of content in B2B organizations goes unused. For argument’s sake let’s round that off to 65% — almost 7 in 10 of the marketers and salespeople reading this post have useless content.