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A Proven Path To Global Digital Transformation In Sales And Marketing [Video]

Digital Transformation Path

Commercial leaders from some of the fastest-growing companies such as SAS, Thomson Reuters, Adobe and CA Technologies teamed up to talk about how they’re scaling their sales and marketing efforts at impressive speeds. At the Digital Growth Conference, they discussed anecdotes of how their organizations eliminated the noise and followed a proven path for digital transformation within the B2B space.

Topics like social selling, employee advocacy, marketing automation, sales automation and account-based marketing are all discussed in this panel lead by the Social Selling Queen, Jill Rowley. 

Blog Conference Digital Transformation

Digital Growth Con 2016: Content Fuels Growth – Creating Insights That Incite…Not Just Excite [Video]

Content Fuels Growth

The numbers 74 and 26 should be engraved in everyone’s mind.

Why? Because 74 is the percentage of executive buyers who say they give their business to the company that created the buying vision. In other words, the company that inspired them to see the need to change and do something different. The number 26 is the percentage of buyers that say they give their business in a fair and square bake-off.

The big opportunity is for the company who can be a part of the 74%, creating a buying vision and inspiring somebody to create change and do something different.

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Digital Growth 2016

 Digital Growth Conference

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