Winning Sales In The Age Of The Modern Buyer [Infographic]

Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku

Your buyers are calling the shots now. They’re tired of the pushy traditional sales techniques which offer zero value to them. They’re smart, they’re empowered and they’re educating themselves about their business pain points and challenges. In fact, 57% of buying process is completed before the buyer even interacts with a sales professional according to CEB. So are you trying to educate or are you just trying to close?

It’s a buying journey, not a sales funnel anymore. This is not to dishearten sales teams but take it as an open invitation to help solve your buyer’s business objectives with industry experience and expertise. Yes, your ability to communicate and your likability play a factor, however, the percentages are minuscule compared to what buyers truly want in a salesperson. If you’re not convinced, check out this infographic by SAP on how your sales team can get their groove back and romance the modern buyer.

Sales Infographic Buying Journey

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