Why You Can’t Teach Yourself Social Selling

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

LaptopOnline learning has been around for decades yet many misconceptions and misunderstandings still remain around it. As popular as it is, the online model still carries many limitations, especially for people looking to educate themselves on digital tactics such as Social Selling. I have completed many courses online and find them convenient, flexible, and self-paced. However, it can also be isolating and difficult to find support and make the education process truly effective.

This is why blended learning is the ultimate learning experience as it marries both in-person and online education tactics. Blended learning allows the learner to complete much of their work online while still having some curriculum delivered face to face or virtually with webinars and live personalized sessions.

5 Ways Blended Learning Gets People Social Selling Faster

Client Specific

In a blended environment students can learn key concepts individually and bring their client’s or organization’s specific issues to the table to learn further. This customized experience enables them to take what they have learned in the virtual classroom and apply that to their daily routine.

The Right Answers

In the virtual world you can search out information to your heart’s content but, that does not always mean you will find the right or best answer. In a blended learning model, you are able to bring issues or problems to the table in your sessions and talk them out, which will reduce the back and forth that online messaging creates.

Apply As You Go

Blended learning also ensures students are able to digest Social Selling content exactly as they are learning. Not only do they have support in instructor-led sessions but the online component allows them to apply the information as they go. This ensures they retain the content better and can begin Social Selling quickly.

Stay In The Know

You can do your best to stay in the know with new Social Selling tips, tricks and concepts by learning them online but, this can be incredibly time consuming and quite honestly a very distracting process. How many times have you found yourself wandering through blogs without truly knowing what information is really valuable or credible? Completing a blended learning experience will ensure you hear the latest tips and tricks by talking through them in the classroom. You will also ensure that whatever you learn has been curated and validated by experts in the field.

Mentored Experience

When taking online courses, for the most part you are learning things individually. With a blended model you are learning a concept alone. However, the difference (if blended learning is utilized properly) is that your in-person sessions will ensure you learn the concept correctly. The concept will be reviewed again and additional details or examples will be provided. This ensures that a concept is understood, remembered and that there is a clear indication of how it can be applied. It is the application of a concept that truly allows us to understand why it applies to us, how to use it effectively and ensures we utilize it immediately for our Social Selling activities.


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