Why Mentorship Is Key To Social Selling Success [Video]

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Professional On SkypeI was recently part of a LinkedIn discussion that questioned whether mentorship training was important to an overall sales training program. My answer? Mentorship training is absolutely an important and necessary component of an effective sales training curriculum.

Why mentored training?

Your sales team will likely go through an instructor-led workshop, e-learning training program, or a combination of both. But there’s a missing piece to the puzzle: the ability to have questions answered in real time. It’s inevitable that your sales professionals will have ongoing questions as they’re trying to implement the tools they’ve learned. This is where mentorship training comes in.

At Sales for Life, we’re always listening to our clients and expanding our training programs and curriculum based on their feedback. Students told us they wanted to have the ability to get answers to their questions, as they’re incorporating what they’ve learned during their Social Selling training into their daily work. As a result, we now offer daily assistance with our mentors.

How does it work?

Every day from 12-1pm EST, we offer a daily mentorship call, which allows sales professionals around the world to connect with each other and have their questions answered. Our students love the daily mentorship training! They receive responses to their inquiries right away, which allow them to succeed in adopting what they’ve learned during their Social Selling training. It also provides students with a forum to have their questions answered at any point in the Social Selling process.

Mentorship ensures that students have the right support throughout the learning and implementation of the Social Selling process. Ultimately mentorship will drive a long-term behavioral change which will consequently impact your pipeline and revenue.

Bottom line

Your sales training program needs to include mentored training. Whether it’s daily or weekly training calls with mentors, your sales force needs to have a way to have their questions answered as they arise. Otherwise, questions will go unanswered, or they’ll build up in an Inbox and get lost in the shuffle. Find out more about our Social Selling training—including mentored training, by visiting our website.


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