Why Blended Learning Gets You Social Selling Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Continuous training is a regular part of a sales professional’s life. But when it comes to social selling training, most sales teams have either educated their staff through an in-person, instructor-led workshop, or an online learning program. This either/or approach isn’t effective. Here’s why.

Pitfalls Of Either/Or Training

How many times have you attended an in-person workshop led by an instructor, only to realize that within a short time you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned? You’re not alone. Most people only remember 10% of what was discussed during a classroom session or workshop. With in-person learning, once the session is over, it’s over. There’s no follow-up or opportunity for continuous learning.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever taken an on-demand e-learning program, you’ll know how frustrating it is when questions inevitably arise, and there’s no-one to answer them for you. With e-learning, there’s no live person to give context and help you understand the concepts.

Social selling is a new way of selling that doesn’t come naturally to sales professionals, who may be used to the old cold-calling style of selling. So it’s imperative to have someone who can answer your questions.

What’s the solution to this either/or dilemma? Blended learning.

The Power Of Blended Learning

To guarantee that you’ll retain the information you’ve learned, and adopt it into your sales strategy, you need a blended learning model that combines instructor-led training with on-demand online learning. Only blended learning guarantees this adoption.

At Sales for Life, we want sales professionals to truly learn the concepts of social selling, and adopt them into their sales practice. So we’ve created our “Learning Loop”—our blended learning program which includes instructor-led training, blended with measured learning calls, student-run peer-to-peer study halls, and a comprehensive e-learning program inside a learning management system.


It’s quite simple: for your social selling training to be successful, you need a blended learning model. To learn more about Sales for Life’s Learning Loop training, visit our website.

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