When Sharing Isn’t Caring

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Is it just me or have you noticed that everyone is sharing content but no one is focused on creating it? Writer Deep In Thought

Don’t get me wrong, sharing content is a great thing. When you begin Social Selling, it’s one of the first things you’ll want to do to stand out. But at some point you must create your own content. The power of your own thoughts on a subject matter are vital to your building a personal brand. In my mind, these two are inseparable.

The problem with sharing content isn’t necessarily just you. It’s that everyone is doing it. And when ideas just get passed around, there’s really not much originality in this. This doesn’t serve you (in building your brand) or your buyers. Your buyers deserve to see and hear from you. They don’t need to see that you’re just hitting the “share” button. If you’re just sharing content without any rhyme or reason, then you don’t care about your customers. If people buy from people they like, then how will future buyers know you without you expressing yourself?

The Fear of Originality
Like all things in life, I believe that the important things don’t get done because of fear. We’d rather blend in than stand out. Believe me folks, if you want to make a mark, standing out is the only choice you have. You don’t do anyone justice by being a part of the crowd.

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We just have to overcome this stigma. The reason people don’t want to stand out and publish their own thoughts (of all places in a permanent place like the internet) is fear. They don’t want to seem vulnerable. It’s time to forget this and try anyway. Your fears are unfounded. I’ve been there and I can attest to this – it was really all just in my head.

Original content will be a key differentiator for you so you have to let the benefits of the opportunity outweigh any perceived risks you may have. A cold call will live for a few seconds (maybe a minute) and it pales in comparison to the power your words have in shaping a buyer’s thought process. Words can live forever.

There are definitely some clever ways to share content socially. See which ones here you’re able to get behind and commit to it. Pick one, start, master and then start something else.

The Bottom Line

Sharing isn’t always caring – you can’t just expect to share content all day long without adding your insights. Take the time to let people know what your thoughts are on a subject. You’re an individual and important. Your thoughts are uniquely yours. Don’t be afraid or shy to share these. It’s not only good for you but also for your bottom line.

Social Selling isn’t difficult; it’s just different. Have questions on ways to get started with content? Contact me below and I’ll give you some tips/tricks on how to get started.

To learn more about Social Selling check out 10 Steps to Becoming a Social Selling Machineor 9 Steps to a Winning LinkedIn Profile for Sales Professionals. For tips, tricks and more rants, we could always set-up a time to chat using my below schedule …

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