What’s Your Klout Score?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Klout Score

For those Social Salespeople wishing to gauge their influence online in any given domain, Klout has quickly become a recognized standard for doing so. It measures your involvement with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc to effectively rank user profiles based on strength of one’s online presence. Understanding your score will ultimately give you the ability to improve upon it, and subsequently unlock your ability to influence. Here’s what Klout has to say about your score:

40– (Your Average) – You have connected your Social Media accounts and share fresh content on platforms like Facebook, this keeps people talking on your wall

50– You continue to get involved in new networks, producing new content, building a following, adding new connections

60– You keep active across multiple networks, you have a primary network where your content consistently churns out ‘likes’ and comments

70– You continually produce relevant content about specialized domains. You have fully connected your accounts. You are engaged and post witty updates that drive your followers to comment, share, and reply

80– Your offline presence is as strong as it is online. Your frequent tweets on Twitter are followed, mentioned, and shared by thousands. You have a Wikipedia ranking

90– You last name is Obama or Winfrey, you are no longer concerned with Klout score, you have the most popular Wikipedia page online

The Bottom Line

Your ability to influence people online has a direct correlation to your success as a Social Salesperson. Use systems like Klout to track/measure/manage your progress and you will have the visibility you need to drive gains.

Find that you adopt things like this more effectively with something like a 90-day plan? Sales for Life and I would be happy to help, we’ve designed a unique program to help companies use tools like this to grow. Click the button below to set up a meeting to discuss.

Robert Kavanagh
Robert Kavanagh

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