What Kind of Marketer Are You? Find Out With This Marketing Assessment

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Being adventurous in your content marketing is a little like traveling. There are those who wander and those who stick close to home. Or as we like to think, there are “marketing tourists” who stick to well-trodden paths and “marketing explorers” who confidently venture into the unknown. Which one are you?

It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror. Do you feel challenged in your role? And are you challenging yourself? Do you aspire to be a marketing leader? Or do you prefer to follow familiar paths to success? Do you put forth new ideas? Or are you happy doing the same old thing?

Find out where you stand along the marketing journey in this marketing assessment.

What is a Marketing Explorer?

We consider a Marketing Explorer as someone who fits the classic explorer profile — think the Indiana Jones of content marketing. Explorers are innovators. They face new and challenging problems head-on and are resourceful in all that they do. They make connections between events and information and confidently proceed based on patterns they see. Marketing Explorers are agile and ready to improvise on a moment’s notice.

These are marketers who have mastered the field of content marketing. They go beyond traditional strategies and tactics, risking it all to discover something new about how to reach, engage, and create customers and advocates.

Though it’s no easy feat, we believe it’s within every content marketer’s grasp to become a Marketing Explorer in their own right. Whether you’re just starting out in your marketing career, or have been at this awhile, it’s always within you to take that first leap into owning the journey. So, go onward, and…

Take the quiz: Are you a Marketing Tourist, or an Explorer?


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