What Is The ROI Of Social Selling? 5X Your Investment!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

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This is pretty simple. We’ve worked with 45,000 sales reps in over 200 companies.

We measure (using their CRM) the effectiveness that sales education, specifically Social Selling, has on each sales rep over 1 year.

On average – for every $1 a company puts into a sales rep for Social Selling training, that sales rep will make the company $5 within 180 days!

This is a no-brainer!

If you help your sales team understand how to become more effective, they in turn make you more $.

You don’t have more dollars for headcount…. Perfect, help the people you already have! By working only with the “rockstars”, you’ll get a modest 5%-10% uplift in sales, but shake the trees of your average sales rep… you get $$$$. Education is their ultimate weapon!

How can you get started?

1. Get budget by painting the “Opportunity Cost” model

“Let me get this straight”, your CEO will say. “If we give $1 for each sales rep on our team, great Social Selling education + activity will yield us $5!”. Well, a 5th grader can do that math. The opportunity cost of NOT Social Selling is the fact that your competition has already started. They’re gaining these market share opportunities on LinkedIn as you sit on the sideline. This is why companies like these are CRUSHING IT with Social Selling!



2. Start today, not when you think your sales reps are ready

Aligning training with your SKO is a good idea, but what if that’s 4-5 months from now? Or, what if you’re getting push-back that your sales team is “too busy” because of Quarter End or other training initiatives? Listen, you need to understand that every day your sales team is NOT Social Selling, your prospective buyers are learning from someone else. There is no perfect time to start, but the perfect time to execute was yesterday!

How are you going to start your Social Selling program?

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