What A Successful Social Selling Routine Looks Like

Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku

WatchThere are 7 days in every week and each day lasts a mere 24 hours no matter how much you’d wish your day was longer. Each minute in your day is critical to building your pipeline, meeting your quotas and ultimately your revenue. But how much time per day should you spend on Social Selling to dramatically impact your success? An easy 30 minutes. Here’s what you can accomplish in just half an hour per day to lead you on your journey to Social Selling mastery.

Content Is King

Always be on the hunt for content that not only inspires but also informs people. Spend a few minutes on this task and you will help improve the “stickiness” of what you share by encouraging your network to learn. This is a very simple and time efficient task and it’s something I accomplish on the go through my phone. Here’s a good tip: download a content aggregator like feedly to kickstart your content sharing and do it consistently so your buyers can digest information over time. This will help your buyers make more informed decisions.

Sharing Is Caring

Once you’ve found that awesome piece of content, share it with your network. Spend several minutes to post your content on social media. You can optimize your posts for the times buyers would read. This would be 9:00AM, 12:00PM and 5:00PM.

As you consistently post content, you’ll begin to grow followers who will love sharing the content you provide. Engage with them by connecting, which simultaneously build your network. Discover trends on what content your connections find engaging and most importantly discover who’s actually engaging because they can be potential prospects.

Stay Up To Date

Never go about with your day without checking who viewed your LinkedIn profile because you never know who may be looking such as prospects, potential clients or champions.

Stay in the loop with updates and job change alerts for your top prospects and clients. Review these leads after each report. Empower yourself by allowing alerts to pop up on your phone to stay ahead of the curve. Remind yourself to stay on top of your prospects by creating an alert for you to share an insightful and relevant piece of content.

Start Conversations

Build relationships through conversation. Make it a daily routine to initiate five or more new conversations daily to further develop new relationships. This is no different than using the phone or email to drive your business, utilize LinkedIn messaging to get to know your potential clients.

The Bottom Line

This daily 30 minute routine can seem daunting at first but the key is to just get started. You’ll progressively turn this routine into a habit which will soon feel like second nature. Don’t let sales and opportunities slip away, you can prevent this by consistently adding the 30 minute routine to your day. Lastly, there’s more to Social Selling than this 30 minute routine, it’s just one brick in the foundation for success. The key is to get started and seek support when needed so you can take your sales to the next level.


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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling