What A Social Selling Leader Has To Say About The Future Of Sales

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth

What A Social Selling Leader Has To Say About The Future Of Sales“Salespeople of the future will close deals as the natural conclusion to the buying process where knowledge and insight has delivered value from the start and differentiated the salesperson from their competition.”

This quote by sales leader Stephen Arnison is powerful. Instead of forcing our way to close deals, we should instead be focused on being the natural conclusion for buyers.

That’s why I decided to invite him to elaborate more about the paradigm shift happening in the sales world. Take a look:

Why Social Media in Sales Matters

Stephen offers poignant reasoning on why sales leaders today should be incorporating social media in their sales process. Because buyers have fundamentally changed the way they research and evaluate solutions by going online, it’s no longer a choice for sales professionals.

Our buyers have spoken. And we need to be where our buyers are.

Now, there will still be buyers who buy “traditionally” as they say, but this number will shrink over time. This shift is happening faster than any of us expected. It’s startling to see how many buyers today are online learning at various stages of the buying journey.

This is a massive opportunity for us in sales! It presents the possibility of influencing the buyer online before a buying journey has started or in the very early stages of one developing.

The Bottom Line

Stephen’s advice for sales leaders who are wondering where to start is “start small.” Do what you must – learn the basics of LinkedIn Profiles, learn the basics of Twitter, learn how to research buyers, whatever it is.

“Do what you must but “get on with it,” says Stephen.

And I really do feel that we need this sense of urgency. Our buyers are changing so fast that we need to keep up with them. There’s no point of being confused about something you don’t yet fully understand. Start small and gain comfort with social media usage. Once done, then decide to tackle the next obstacle.

Share ideas, viewpoints, content, research clients, anything! Being on social media is a great way to differentiate yourself today.

Do you agree with Stephen’s views? Tweet him @SteveArn or let me know @AmarSheth. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn as well.

You can read more insight from Stephen’s blog here.

Lastly, I leave you with one simple question: sales leaders, are you striving to be the natural conclusion?


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