Using Video to Boost the Effectiveness of Multi-Touch Prospecting

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Delete. Delete. Delete.

That’s the sound of your prospects responding to those less-than-personal prospecting emails. Are you stuck under a rock? No, but you’re the third person to ask me that today, so thanks but no thanks.

Let’s face it, no matter how much we customize our messages, traditional emails are cold, impersonal and not nearly as effective as they once were – especially when dozens of other sales reps are bombarding the same people with the same basic message.

The way to win the multi-touch prospecting game is not to change your subject line or email copy, but to change how you deliver your message and how you personalize the experience. That’s precisely why personal video messages are now garnering more than 5x higher response rates when used properly within a sales prospecting cadence.

When done right, personal video messages are fresh, interesting, informative, and actually personal. Prospects tend to appreciate that you’ve put in the effort to learn about their business and craft a truly personal message, and with video it truly shows.

Video messages are also more human. They bring a face back to selling and the opportunity to create empathy and demonstrate compassion, some sorely missed traits of modern email and phone selling. To get you really inspired, check out some of the responses our own sales team has received when prospecting with personal video messages. These are just a select few from literally hundreds:




How do you produce similar results in your own prospecting programs and generate these types of responses?

Here are three ways to use personal videos in your multi-touch prospecting and a few tips to help you get started immediately:

1 – Start your Cadence with a Real Introduction

We’ve seen tremendous success with using a personalized ‘selfie’ video as a first or second touch in a prospecting cadence. These should be short, genuine video recordings that introduce yourself, refer to the prospect and their company by name, and quickly surface the pain point that you can help solve.


2 – Show Relevance

Somewhere in the middle of your prospecting cadence, consider using a screen capture video that visually illustrates something of specific relevance to that prospect that is also connected in some way to what you are offering.

For example, if you’re selling technology related to a company’s website or social media, do a screen capture video of their company’s home page or social channel as you narrate over top.

Selling to an HR professional? Pop up a recent article on a hot trend in the HR world that you think may resonate with them and speak to it. Just the visual queue of seeing their own website, products, social channels, relevant blogs, etc. in a video thumbnail creates a sense of intrigue and relevance. Higher click-through and response rates than a text-based email trying to say the same thing? You bet.

3 – Wait, That’s Me!!

And now for the newest trick in the book. As a late touch in your cadence, drop one last video message that shows a screen recording of the prospect’s own LinkedIn or Twitter profile, or a recent article they’ve published or commented on. Pop your own face into the corner for a picture-in-picture experience where you are commenting on their role, their opinion on a recent topic, etc. and tie that back to how you can help them.

Here’s a simple example of someone prospecting me with a video message that includes my own LinkedIn profile. How could I not click to watch?


The opportunity is now, and it’s easier than you think.

Response rates to emails with these types of video messages are skyrocketing, partly because they are genuine and personal, and partly because they are new, novel and original. But soon enough, like any great sales tactic, your competitors will soon catch on so now’s the time to stand out and get the attention you deserve.

Now the big question: how do you actually do this? You can start right here with the free ViewedIt video messaging app and the Video Selling Success Kit. Then dive deeper into the best practices of selling with video at the Fast Forward Video Selling virtual event. Registration is free, and you’ll hear from thought leaders like Jamie Shanks (Sales for Life) and Vala Afshar (Salesforce) along with real sales reps using video today to crush their quotas.

Signing off with a video message, happy hunting!

Using Video to Boost Sales Effectiveness


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