Top 5 Social Selling “At-a-boys”

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Good JobAs I had I taken the time a few weeks back to compile and share the top blunders I’ve made while adopting my social selling program over the better half of this past year, so too have I captured my Top 5 Social Selling Tactical Wins. Here are the things I have done right so far.

Content Creation/Engagement

While it has not been quite as consistent as I would have liked, I do feel as though the content I am producing is being well received. I have the tracking mechanisms in place to know so. But more importantly, is the change this has driven in the responses I am seeing. Or even the fact that I am now seeing responses from prospects at all.

Content Engagement

Content Engagment Feedback

Network Growth

Connections and network strength are imperative. I have kept this area of growth as a priority. Could have been more diligent with daily totals, but overall I have more than doubled the size of my network in 8 Months. Still a ways to go to get to where I’d like/need to be, but I am pleased with the results so far.

Network Growth

Timely Response to Leads

Perhaps something I have worked to refine the most during this period of transition. I have been diligent to connect with individuals downloading our guides and assets, always attempting to do so within 1 minute of receipt. Always reaching out to offer my assistance as a free resource on social selling.

Not only has this helped grow my network in a highly segmented way, it has also left me with literally hundreds of new people to start discussions with around the products and services we offer. Discussions with individuals who’ve already started doing their own research and can either fully/partially appreciate the value my firm can deliver.

Selling Through The Deadzone

Nurturing your active customers and prospects with valuable and insightful content is also imperative. A primary focus, I have been highly calculated and mindful to send thought provoking assets to every active buying cycle each week. This has converted to a deeper level of engagement as well as an increase in revenue that can be directly attributed. I will never wonder or scramble for an excuse to call someone ever again.

Revenue Generation/Results

Perhaps the most important outcome of all, the social selling routine I have adopted over the past 8 months has delivered revenue results and an overall increase in # of transactions. You wont catch me saying I’m fully satisfied with the topline, but I can directly relate at least 1 transaction per month from my daily 40 minute routine. More importantly, now that I have a lead generation system in place, I am looking forward to replicating this process over and over again to grow my results exponentially. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

The Bottom Line:

Hands down top performers are constantly evaluating, scrutinizing, and evolving their approaches to scour them for opportunities to improve. As important as it is to learn from your mistakes, you also need to know what’s working in your business. As you and your team continue to transition towards a social selling routine, do make sure you are allocating the time necessary to reflect and train to your gaps.

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