Top 5 Infographics On How To Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

Does your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest? There are over 380 million members on LinkedIn so you need to ensure your profile sets you apart from the other sales professionals and attracts prospects. From your headline to your professional skills, you have the ability to show buyers your thought leadership and expertise.

However many people are caught red handed treating their profiles like a resume instead of thinking about it as their personal brand. Just like your sales presentation, your profile needs to be perfect.

Check out this roundup of the top 5 infographics to help you give your LinkedIn profile a makeover.

1. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: A Visual Guide To Achieving LinkedIn Profile Perfection in 7 Steps

Linkedin Cheat Sheet

2. Top 8 Mistakes Of A LinkedIn Photo

Top 8 Mistakes of LinkedIn Photo

3. An Animated Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Sellers

Animated Linkedin Profile for Social Selling

4. What A LinkedIn Profile Optimized For Social Selling Looks Like

LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Social Selling

5.How To Structure A Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Perfect LinkedIn Profile 

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling