Top 11 Podcasts for Sales and Marketing Leaders

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Listening to podcasts is a terrific way to nudge your mind out of its accustomed habits and whet your creative edge with some fresh ideas. Numerous thoughtful sales and marketing innovators share their very best insights in short, easily absorbed bites that you can listen to while you’re driving to your next meeting. Here’s our choice for the ten best sales and marketing podcasts out there:

1. In the Arena


This interview-style podcast is presented by Anthony Iannarino, a widely known speaker, writer and sales leader. In The Sales Blog, he writes tips and insights on all aspects of the sales mindset, and the podcast extends these by interviewing leading thinkers in the field. Each podcast profiles an innovative speaker, many of whom have also authored books that deepen their commentary.

2. The #AskGaryVee Show


Gary Vaynerchuk is a multi-talented entrepreneur and venture capitalist who now runs digital agency VaynerMedia. His vibrant personality comes through abundantly in his podcast, in which he answers crowd-sourced questions and guides his listeners toward strategies for revenue growth.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

the tim ferriss show

This award-winning podcast has landed at the top of iTunes’ business podcasts in 2014 and 2015 by not being about business as usual. Tim takes rapid-fire lessons from world-class performers in eclectic fields, and then extracts the tools and takeaways that you can use in your own life as a sales leader.

4. Seth Godin’s Startup School

seth godin startup school

Seth Godin provides a cumulative series of 15 podcasts that serve as a trenchant “how to” for starting a new business. An author of 18 books and a member of the Marketing Hall of Fame, Seth has been called an endlessly curious clear-eyed visionary.

5. The Growth Show

hubspot the growth show

Created by Hubspot, The Growth Show is an interview podcast focused on every aspect of growth. Whether you’re interested in the growth of an idea, a company, or a political movement, the show explores and deconstructs all the elements of growth you need to know about.

6. TED Talks on Business

ted talks podcast

The famous TED talks are effectively indexed, so if you use the search word “business,” you’ll be treated to mind-opening commentary from a wide range of experts. There’s absolutely something here for everyone, from global economics to leadership secrets and collective creativity.

7. Growth Everywhere

growth everywhere podcast

Eric Siu, entrepreneur and CEO of Single Grain, interviews sales and marketing experts, with a special focus on startups, in a 40-minute podcast once a week. Following up on the concepts introduced in the interview, Eric offers five-minute “Growth Bites,” covering brief topics on marketing, hiring, sales, and more.

8. The Funnel


Unlike the more general-purpose business podcasts in this list, The Funnel keeps a laser focus on sales and marketing-related topics. From inbound marketing strategies to advice for managers on team-building, The Funnel is created by John Shea, John Booth, and Kathleen Booth, three trainers on inbound marketing techniques.

9. The Advanced Selling Podcast

the advanced selling podcast

Veteran sales coaches Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey focus on the individual strategies to help keep wind in the salesperson’s sails. In their podcasts, they focus on the skills and mindset of the world’s most successful salespeople, providing actionable coaching-type advice about attitude, belief, and presentation.

10. The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist

Created by South Florida sales trainer Donald Kelly, this podcast brings a welcome diversity to the field of sales training. Tips, interviews, and a regular feature called “Sales from the Street” offer fresh perspectives on the nuts and bolts of real-life sales techniques.

11. Cardone Zone

cardone zone

There are no other podcasts available like the Cardone Zone with Grant Cardone. The NY Times best selling author and sales expert offers great advice along with his inspiring enthusiasm. He speaks about best practices in sales and business and how to 10X your results. After listening to his podcast, you’ll want to get up and start building pipeline.

Are you ready to learn? Here are 11 podcasts that sales and marketing leaders should listen to about accelerating revenue in your organization. Especially on a long commute, podcasts provide a neasy way to digest information without having to read a blog or book. Check this list out and let me know what your favourite podcasts are.

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