The State of Account-Based Sales Development

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

What 500+ B2B leaders told us about their current ABSD efforts.

Account Based Sales Development

If you haven’t hopped on board the account-based sales development train, you may be wondering why you should consider it.

Beyond the emergence of different tools, best-in-class companies invested in an ABSD strategy have experienced higher quality leads, increased pipeline creation and increased revenue and sales bookings.

Sales for Life and Engagio have partnered to survey 500+ B2B sales leaders on how they’re leveraging ABSD. 

In this webinar, Jamie Shanks (CEO, Sales for Life) and Jon Miller (CEO, Engagio) will dive deeper into the  state of Account-Based Sales Development. You’ll learn:

  • The major outcomes companies experience with ABSD strategies
  • Three most effective channels for engaging potential customers
  • What separates a company investing in ABSD versus the rest

Date: Tuesday, May 23rd

Time: 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

Duration: 30 Minutes


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