The Social Selling Full Monty (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Social SellerLights, camera, action! All eyes are on you. It’s time to go full monty!

Welcome to living the sales life on the razor’s edge. Now that you’re on social media, you’re going to have people looking at you. You can’t avoid it.

Are you ready for criticism? It’s going to be coming from prospects and buyers. Are you ready for peers and colleagues to criticize you? How about industry insiders and people who are going to look at you like you’re too naïve, like you just don’t know what the heck you’re talking about? This isn’t a game!

The Sage Advice

Here’s my advice. Forget them and do what you need to do anyway. Focus on your buyers and clients. They’re the ones paying your bills. So, as you get into social selling and experimenting with this new way of selling, just remember the following.

What’s holding you back isn’t your lack of will and determination, or your knowledge, or even your smarts (yes, I’ve had a few people tell me this). What is holding you back is YOU. I truly believe that it’s 80% psychology that holds us back, not just in the area of social selling but other areas of our lives where we are slacking.

The Bottom Line

This is pretty simple to understand, right? If you’re going to do social selling, you should go for it full steam. Don’t hold back. The only thing keeping you back is you – your buyers, prospects, friends, family and critics aren’t going away any time soon.

Need some advice on how and where to get started with social selling? You’re in luck. There are thousands before you that started exactly where you are, and you can learn from them. Click the “click to schedule” button below to come up with your action plan.

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