The Perfect Social + Account-Based Cadence [Checklist]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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Our latest research shows 66% of B2B sales leaders say social strategies are “absolutely crucial” to account-based sales development (ABSD).  

But how does one inform the other?

Take a look at our latest checklist to find out: A Daily ABSD Routine.

We’ve synthesized battle-tested tactics from our curriculum with strategies from industry leaders such as TOPO, Engagio and Trish Bertuzzi into a fool-proof cadence that will help you find, engage, develop and expand relationships with prospective buyers. 

This checklist will teach leaders and sales pros to:

– Establish a daily account-based sales development routine that takes 40-60 minutes a day

– Find, engage, educate, develop and expand relationships with prospective buyers and existing accounts

– Overcome the dead zone and re-engage target accounts


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