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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales VideoWith the onset on Neurocinematics and the ability to gauge a brain’s reaction to video content, gone are the days when a company (or even the individual) can get away without having snappy video content to share. That is to say that having a high quality explainer video nowadays is almost like the requirement for a website in promoting your brand.

And it’s not going anywhere soon. Adobe conducted a U.S. Digital Video Benchmark review in 2012 that highlights a 300% increase in mobile video views. 56% of consumer web traffic is made up of video. To suggest that I’d be concerned if I was a television executive right now is an understatement; the internet is winning that race too. Not that the skills aren’t transferable, but how are you getting your customer’s attention at present? Or are you?

Here’s some information that I’ve found helpful when planning my mix of assets to share. Ultimately, frequently sharing video content is a critical part of your social selling mix, something that can be directly attributed to saving time, improving image, and generating additional revenue. Each an identified step in a universal buying process and likely some of the first sales advice I ever did receive when working to understand why people buy things. T.I.M. Time, Image, Money. That’s how we used to simplify the reasons behind any sale.

On Saving Time:

  • Scripted explainer videos are typically far more articulate and concise than the alternatives, they can reduce the amount of time spent trying to communicate value
  • They meet the demands of the new selling hours and once complete can be watched at anytime, any place, over and over and over again. And they can have an indefinite shelf-life only needing refresh every few years
  • Reduce the steps in your cycle with video content that influences buying behavior, attacks FAQs, and handles common objections for you.

Here’s an example I put together this week:

On Improving Image:

  • Video format is fresh, current, and can convey brand altering/brand validating awareness
  • Format is highly flexible and can be customized to suit any business, product, or service
  • Excellent for communicating highly complex/confusing concepts in simple ways
  • Reaches audience on multiple sensory levels
  • Ensures your brand is aligned with current marketing best practices

On Increasing Revenue:

  • Can be used as key differentiator in buying process to streamline communication and make content far more engaging
  • Can be used to create inception with customers and prospects to the extent that 65% of the time they will purchase from those who deliver value first
  • Serves as a terrific vehicle to help people define new solutions, set out decision criteria, and threaten their status quo (all proven techniques that can lead to higher revenues)

So if Time, Image, and Money are the reasons WHY to invest in an explainer video (the WHAT). I am also in a good position to provide you with the WHO. A company I was introduced to a number of years ago that I have continued to be impressed with, Switch Video. A creative process like I have never seen, it’s no wonder they’ve earned themselves some of the largest accounts in the world.

Switch creates animated explainer videos for companies like Facebook, IBM, HP, Bayer, Abbott, and many more. They’ve made roughly 417 videos for clients in 15 countries and 10 different languages. Their goal with each new project is to unlock the full potential of every idea, product, or business they work on.

Whether it’s a product that’s difficult to explain or a business that seems boring, they do what it takes to distill each concept into a simple message that’s easy to understand and connects emotionally with customers. If you’re looking to create an explainer video that tells your company’s story and gets your customers to take action, learn more about them here:

The Bottom Line:

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a dog biscuit business, or a CMO at a large multinational, explainer videos have become a mandatory component of your sales/marketing mix. Especially if you are transitioning to become a social selling operation, you will come to appreciate the ways they can save you time, ensure you have a solid image, and deliver solid returns.

Still wondering what the value of an explainer video is? Wanting to get started with Switch on the development of your next marketing asset? Click here or below to start a discussion with them directly. When it comes time to pay, tell them Rob sent you…
Switch Video

If you want to learn more about Social Selling, check out some BLOGS on the topic or download some of our Free Helpful Resource Guides. I’m always available for a phone conversation about Social Selling if you have any specific questions – click on my Calendar to book a chat.

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