The Biggest Influencer Of Your LinkedIn SSI Score

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth

boost-ssi-score.jpgAs an active social selling organization, it’s imperative that you focus on driving your SSI score up. And the reason we say that is because the SSI score is a conglomerate of four key areas that determine whether social application is happening.

When the score is going down, we empirically know certain social applications are not happening over time and behaviours are not setting in.

Conversely, if the SSI score is going up, and increasing gradually or even gradually, then we can rest assured that your salespeople are doing the right things.

Is The SSI Score The Only Key Metric I Should Be Monitoring?

The answer to this question is clearly no! The SSI score is a good KPI for application purposes in the process.

In short, it’s an accurate indicator of a few distinct behaviors, but it is not here to replace the time-tested metrics that matter most in sales—growth and high revenue.

Your SSI score does not determine your sales ability. It determines whether you’re doing certain actions on social media. But, whether those actions will translate into actual sales results is to be decided.

And that is predicated on your salesperson’s sales ability. It rests also on your ability to create a culture for your salespeople to grow effectively, provide them other types of sales training to help boost their performance and improve their acumen over time.

The Four Dimensions of SSI:

  • First, establishing your professional brand.

  • Secondly, finding the right people.

  • Thirdly, engaging with insights.

  • And fourthly, building relationships with people.

After analyzing all these, I truly believe that engaging with insights is the key dimension where if pressure is applied, and focus is there, the other three dimensions of the SSI will naturally increase. Let’s discuss this in detail.

1) The Nature of Content is Social

Firstly, when you share content, people will naturally find it. Because, content in its very nature on social is viral; content even going out to your second and third degree connections has huge benefits for salespeople.

How? It brings relevant eyeballs to your content, brings pageviews to your profile, which then your salespeople are trained on and acting with.

By sharing the right content, the right people will find you and you will also find them and connect and develop relationships with them.

2) Content Builds Relationships

Secondly, with sharing content and connecting with people, you will now start to form a relationship with them. You will build relationships in the long-term. You will nurture that specific connection with rich valuable insights for the long term.

If they found you and you connected based on that, you can steer them towards other relevant content. This will ultimately drive overall engagement and help to firm and strengthen that relationship.

3) Content Grows Your Personal Brand Audience

Thirdly, as you do that, as you grow your audience, as you share the right content, you will naturally establish your professional brand for your niche, for your specific domain expertise and over time, you will strengthen these bonds by being trusted as an authority and an advisor.

LinkedIn maintains, and they are correct in many ways, that there are specific actions you can take to increase your SSI score across all key dimensions. But in my personal experience one really makes a real impact on the other three.

Make no mistake – engaging with insights is the key aspect of a better more holistic, more better more holistic and more focused SSI growth strategy.

The Bottom Line

We believe in the 80/20 rule. We believe in investing all of your focus and energy on one or two small areas that will drive the biggest result time or the biggest ROI for you.

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