Supercharge Your Pipeline With LinkedIn Publisher: 11 Reasons Why It Works

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You probably already know that providing valuable content to your potential customers is critical to starting relevant conversations with buyers and creating a successful Social Selling program. But if you’re looking to take your content to the next level, LinkedIn Publishing should be an essential tool in your sales arsenal.

What is LinkedIn Publisher?

LinkedIn Publisher allows users to publish content directly on the social network itself. Your content is shared with your connections and accessible to anyone. It is a great way to create and leverage content to build your network, establish yourself as an expert and learn about potential customers.

My Success Story

Since I started working for Sales for Life just over a year ago, Social Selling—including using LinkedIn Publisher—has become a huge component of my success.

You can take a look at some of my posts on my LinkedIn Profile. Within two weeks of Social Selling, I saw a 500% increase in LinkedIn views of my profile and added more than 80 connections.

LinkedIn Publisher

I’ve had great success crafting content and engaging my connections in conversations. I include LinkedIn Publisher in my Social Selling practice and it should be an integral part of yours. Here’s why.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Publishing

1. LinkedIn Publishing Allows You To Build A Stronger LinkedIn Profile

When you use LinkedIn Publishing, all of your posts are added to your profile. This helps establish you as a thought leader, makes your profile more engaging and increases your profile’s strength. LinkedIn Publishing also helps increase awareness of your business by growing visibility and sparking new connections. Take Danny Wong of Blank Label for example. Within 24 hours of publishing his first post on LinkedIn, he already had several thousand views.

2. You Will Create Valuable Content for Your Network

Times have changed and customers are now seeking content from many sources. So you want to be a part of that process. LinkedIn Publishing provides a valuable opportunity to publish content that speaks to your potential prospects’ concerns and allows you to provide the solutions they need. By consistently providing insights you can generate leads and increase your sales. A word of caution: be careful that your content isn’t too “salesy” because LinkedIn won’t accept it.

3. You Can Grow Your Network

LinkedIn posts are accessible by anyone on the network. LinkedIn has 300 million members (and growing!), so publishing your content there just makes sense. Not only will your existing connections see your posts but you’ll also have a unique opportunity to reach a huge number of connections that are outside of your network. This means that if you consistently provide great content, you’ll be able to build your audience and your connections simultaneously.

4. You’ll Become An Expert In Your Community

When you publish with LinkedIn Publisher, a notification is sent to your entire network. Prospects are seeking valuable content and with LinkedIn Publisher, you can showcase your expertise to them. They will also get to know you and your work, which helps you build relationships within your network.

5. You Can Amplify Your Content

Although LinkedIn Publisher doesn’t accept salesy content, that doesn’t preclude you from amplifying your content by using calls-to-action or link-backs to drive traffic to your website. Simple calls-to-action and links to your website will provide the information your prospects need to learn more about your business. And when they are looking for vendors and ready to do business they’ll remember your content and get in touch with you.

6. Your Posts Will Be Promoted By LinkedIn

Content that is read many times is featured on LinkedIn Pulse or on the LinkedIn home page. LinkedIn will also send emails about the most popular posts in your network, which further promotes your content.

7. You Can Breathe New Life Into Old Content

Just because you’ve published a blog post, case study, or eBook doesn’t mean that content has to die. You can repurpose your best content using LinkedIn Publisher. Repurposing your content in a new way will help increase engagement to spark new conversations, build new leads, and engage with new prospects. Long-form content such as eBooks can also provide ideas for multiple LinkedIn Publisher posts.

8. You’ll Reach Your Connections’ Connections

The great thing about LinkedIn Publisher is that anyone on LinkedIn can view and follow your posts, including your 2nd and 3rd degree connections. This can lead to potential introductions and leads for your business.

9. You’ll Gain Insight Through Analytics

With LinkedIn Publisher, you’ll have access to analytics, which provide insight into who is reading your content. Analytics will show their demographics, industry, and more. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to target your content accordingly.

LinkedIn Publishing analytics

10. You’ll Spark Conversations About Your Solutions

Because your connections and potential prospects are able to like, share, and comment on your posts, publishing on LinkedIn is a great way to spark conversations. When your network is interested in one of your topics, traffic and engagement will increase. For example, after publishing 23 posts, one post by blogger Jeff Bullas received over 250,000 views, 10,000 shares, and appeared on LinkedIn’s home page.

11. It’s Both A Blog And A Social Network

LinkedIn Publishing gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you the benefits of a social network, combined with a blogging platform. With LinkedIn Publisher, you have a built-in audience, so you don’t have to create a base of followers from scratch. LinkedIn also shares your posts as status updates, so your connections always have access to your content.

So are you creating content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform yet? Now that you know what you can accomplish by sharing content on LinkedIn, hopefully it motivates you to publish your first post! You can amplify your reach, start conversations and establish your expertise. This is a great tool to use and it’s an important part of any social seller’s content strategy.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you currently using LinkedIn’s publishing platform? If so, what type of content really resonates with your audience? Let’s connect on LinkedIn and collaborate!

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