Stop Your Excuses – Meet a New Sales Rep “Social Selling Rockstar”

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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You’re a new sales rep. Ok, I understand you have a lot on your plate, and I realize you’re not a “subject matter expert”… YET. Don’t give me the excuse that Social Selling success doesn’t apply to you, because you’re new (or because you’re just an employee). It’s a lame excuse.

Meet Julian Rocco, the newest sales edition to our client Cision Canada.

  • He knows how to get noticed. He had been “liking”, commenting, retweeting Sales for Life & Cision’s content. Julian keeps himself top-of-mind with Cision’s decision-makers.
  • He’s been driving new business with LinkedIn for the past year.

How much business? 350 LinkedIn conversations a week that resulted in 5-7 meetings booked per week! Julian strikes up as many conversations on LinkedIn as most sales reps are expected to cold call. His target market isn’t a joke either – CMO’s, VP Marketing, Director of Marketing with 500 to 10,000 employees.

How is Julian driving so much success in his first year of LinkedIn lead generation?

1. Committed to His Routine

Julian was new to a B2B sales role in 2012. Immediately into taking on his new role, he recognized that he needed a “sales process”. Julian became a sales “sponge”, reading and watching everything he could get his hands on. Social Selling really peaked his interest as he was already very comfortable with Social Media. Instead of taste testing LinkedIn, he dove in head first. Julian kept working on his craft until he developed a lead generation process that worked. While management may not have believed in Social Selling, the stories online were too compelling to abandon his strategy.

2. He’s Fallen in Love With LinkedIn Signal

Julian has made LinkedIn Signal a stable in his business development process. How simple is this – listening for marketing professionals that demonstrate Trigger Events (newly appointed, changes in companies, discussing analytics). Where do you think Julian is finding all these prospects to start discussions with?

3. He understands the value of being different

The typical CMO receives 200 emails, 15 cold calls and countless distractions per day. How was Julian, a new sales rep, going to make a dent in the market? Simple – be one of the few people to strike up a compelling, timely discussion on LINKEDIN.

The Bottom Line

There are virtually hundreds of other helpful tip and strategies – so if you are serious about your sales career, it’s time to get serious about LinkedIn. Check out our recent guide with 42 LinkedIn Tips co-development with Kenneth Krogue of Inside Sales .

Find the topic of Social Selling interesting? Click Here to book a time in my calendar to explore further!

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