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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Selling Training

Learn to supercharge your LinkedIn profile with this online video course from

We’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with, a leading online learning company, to offer introductory social selling training in the format of an online, self-placed course that any sales professional can follow.

With the Up and Running With Social Selling course, individuals sales professionals can now proactively learn and grow their sales skills, without having to wait around for their company to initiate sales training. If you’re a sales rep who’s been looking for training and resources to further your career and develop skills you can take to future jobs, this course is perfect for you.

Get Up and Running with Social Selling

In the Up and Running With Social Selling course, which consists of 15 short segments that that you complete at your own pace, we will explore how salespeople can use LinkedIn to:

1. Establish trust with the buyer
2. Engage the buyer and become a resource
3. Grow your network for future opportunities

I will also show you how to edit and improve the four crucial areas of your LinkedIn profile (your photo, headline, summary, and recommendations), and how to develop an efficient (30 to 60 minute) daily routine for social media monitoring and engagement that drive results.

Register for the Course Today

At Sales for Life, we’ve also been proponents of sales professionals taking control of their personal and professional growth. With buyers increasingly spending more of the buying journey online, traditional methods of selling such as cold calling are becoming less effective. Social selling is here to stay, and now you can take the first step to learn about it with with Up and Running With Social Selling.

This online course is perfect to get started with social selling, even for the busiest of sales professionals. Visit the course on now.

Do you have more questions about the course, or need training for your entire sales team? Contact me using the button below.

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