Social Selling Tool Kit: The Best Meeting & Conferencing Software

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Welcome to the Social Selling Tool Kit Series. This is a bi-weekly blog series that focuses on a specific segment of Social Selling tools in each post. The topic focuses will cover areas like CRMS, tracking & automation tools, mobile integrations and online meeting platforms.

Under each tool highlighted we will provide a short summary and use case for the tool as well as a link back to the tool’s website where you can learn more about it. Some tools will be available free-of-charge and some will be available only by paid subscription. We will notify you which is which with the price range of Free – $ – $$ – $$$. And as always, if you have any suggestions for other tools we can include in our post, please feel free to mention them via the comment box provided below.

This week’s post is focusing on Social Selling tools that can help you with Online Meetings & Web Conferencing. Face-to-face meeting are becoming less and less common in the business world these days. Oil prices are rising making it less cost effective to fly sales reps around the world for meetings and technology is steadily advancing making it less of a necessity to do so. Where as 10 – 20 years ago no large-scale enterprise deals were done without a physical handshake, today many organizations are altogether opting-out of intercontinental travel while maintaining their historical revenue streams. How are they doing it? By utilizing some of the following Online Meeting & Web Conferencing tools:


Price Range: Free – $
Skype is one of the best and most established online meeting platforms available on the market today. It operates on a freemium model meaning that it has both free and premium version available to customers and it also has excellent mobile integration. Skype is particularly useful for one-on-one meetings and is often utilized by both start-ups and online educators as a low-cost video conferencing solution. There are also some additional features like screen sharing, small group meetings and phone services offered, some of which are reserved for premium users.


Price Range: $ – $$$
GoToMeeting is the online meeting and web conferencing solution of computer software powerhouse Citrix. Choosing a giant enterprise as your solution provider does have its benefits; GoToMeeting offers both 24/7 support and excellent stability verses some of its counter-parts. GoToMeeting is great at hosting small to mid-sized online meetings with up to 25 people simultaneously. In addition to its two-way audio and video capabilities, GoToMeeting also has functionality like session recording, screen sharing, chat boxes and muting/unmuting participants. For larger engagements, Citrix also offers a series of sister product including GoToWebinar, GoToWebcast and GoToTraining.


Price Range: Free – $
Join.Me is an awesome online meeting platform that specializes in screen sharing. This light-weight application operates on a freemium model similar to Skype and only the meeting host need download any software. All other participants can join via a browser link. While does not have two-way video integration, it makes up for this deficiency with its slick presenter and mouse control swapping. This is an ideal platform for remotely accessing a client’s computer or handing the keys over to a prospect and letting them take your product for an online test drive while you dictate instructions.

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Price Range: $ – $$$
WebEx in many respects has become the Kleenex of web conferencing platforms due to its extensive history in the market. Similar to Citrix’s GoToMeeting, WebEx offers a number of different platforms with feature sets that scale to your needs. Meetings can be hosted from your computer, tablet or mobile phone on-the-go and you can run large scale online events with the WebEx Event Center.

Google Hangouts

Price Range: Free
As you can probably guess from the name, Hangouts is Google’s entry into the online meeting space. Directly tied to Google+, Hangouts is the only online meeting platform that is linked to a social media network. While Hangouts lacks a number of features that would be desirable in a mid to large sized corporate environment, it is worth mentioning here as it is completely free and easy to use. Up to 10 people can conference via two-way audio and video simultaneously granting users access to larger sized free online meetings than its closest competitor Skype.

Other newer yet notable entries into the online meeting and web conferencing arena include both ON24 for webinar hosting andjamvee for interactive online events.

I hope you have found this post helpful in picking the right online meeting and web conferencing solution for your business. If you have any questions or suggestions for other noteworthy platforms to check out please feel free to use the chat box provided. And as always, don’t hesitate to click the big green “Let’s Talk Social Selling” button below if you’d like to schedule a quick call together. Cheers!

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