Social Selling Success Story: Steven Jackson & The 5X Phenomenon!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Another day, another social selling success story…right?Steve Jackson

Not quite my friends. Steven Jackson takes things to a whole new level. Steven and I had a virtual meeting of the minds recently and it’s evident that he takes social selling very seriously.

Watch the video here to learn how Steve is using social selling to 5X his pipeline!

The reason he’s so adamant is now apparent. Buyers are changing. Why aren’t we? As sales professionals, isn’t the onus on us to change with the times and meet buyers at a time and place of THEIR choosing? That’s why it’s concerning when our sales industry hasn’t quite adopted social into our daily selling strategy and efforts.

Steven shares a story with us of a top sales rep who is no longer at a company because the management there was boasting about their lack of knowledge when it comes to social media. It seems stories like this are all too common – we’d know as we hear from hundreds of sales professionals.

What’s in Your Pipeline?

That’s a question we should all be asking ourselves. If you’re hoping and praying for deals to close at month or quarter-end, all because the pipe isn’t strong enough, then shouldn’t you have a strategy around ensuring that your pipeline is healthy enough to not rely on a handful of deals?

As Steven eloquently explains, he uses social selling to grow his pipeline to a comfortable 5X level. This means if deals don’t close on time, he’s not sweating it.

100% of Plan?

He’s deliberately and meticulously built his pipeline to such an extent that he doesn’t feel 100% of plan cuts it anymore. He’s now focused, at a minimum, of hitting 200%! These are some big, hairy and audacious numbers which Steven is proud to associate with social selling.

Words of Wisdom for Sales Pros & Leadership

My favorite part about this interview/chat is what he offers fellow sales professionals in terms of advice. Start slow, my friends. Start slow, wade in the water, feel yourself out and get comfortable.

This is the way the world of sales is moving. Buyers are going social. Doesn’t it make sense you learn the science behind social?

To sales leadership: I agree and concur with Steven completely. Offering practical and viable social selling know-how will allow you to retain top talent. We’ve seen the evidence of this also!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple for Steven: use social, get a 5X pipeline, crush your numbers and go to Disney World!

If you’re looking to get started with social selling, you’re on the right track. Feel free to contact me below and I can help with free resources on the where and how to begin. Remember, social selling isn’t difficult…it’s just different.

Have questions on how to get started with social? Press the button below and we can chat. I’ve got a lot of free resources to help you out.

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